How to Login to Angel through the TCC Portal

This tutorial describes how to login to Angel through the TCC portal.

Web site

In the adress bar, type in and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

My TCC Portal

Click My TCC.

Sign In

Click the Sign In with CAS button.


Enter your TCC Username and Password:
(1) Your username is first letter of first name, complete last name, last three digits of student I.D. number, two digit day of birth. For example: JDoe65405
(2) Your password is your Student ID number, unless you have already changed it. For example: 970987654
(3) Click the Login button.

Angel Quick Link

Click the Angel Quick Link button.

Change password

Click the change your password link.

Current and New Password

(1) In the Current Password textbox, type your current password. Your current password is the first five letters of last name (all lowercase - ignore all punctuation and spaces)
ex 1: Jill Who-Needsit = whone
ex 2: Sam Jameson = james
ex 3: Mildred Sing Song = sings
ex 4: John Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious = super
ex 5: Jamie Box = box

(2) In the New Password and Confirm text boxes, type your new password. Your new password can be anything that you would like it to be.

(3) Click the OK button.


Click the OK button.


You are logged into Angel now.