Is Radiologic Science Right for You?

Radiologic technologists use special equipment to create images of internal organs, tissues, and bone

The very first x-ray picture is of a woman's left hand. Her bones are clearly visible, as well as her wedding ring. The owner of the hand is a woman named Bertha Roentgen, and her husband, Wilhelm Roentgen, took the photo and is credited as the inventor of the radiograph (another word for x-ray).

Radiologic technologists, also known as radiographers, provide information that is used to diagnose medical problems. They create images of the inside of the body. Technologists receive instructions from doctors about which areas of the body they need images of. Doctors also tell technologists which procedure to use. The main types of procedures are x-ray and fluoroscopy. X-rays are pictures that show the bones of the body and internal organs.

Technologists prepare patients for these procedures. They explain these procedures to patients and answer their questions. They make sure patients remove their jewelry so it does not interfere with the machinery. Next, technologists position patients on an examining table near the imaging equipment. For some procedures, technologists must make sure that the patient is protected during the test. For example, they may cover parts of the patient's body with a lead apron. When conducting a fluoroscopy exam, technologists give patients a special solution to drink. The body absorbs this solution and technologists track its movement through the body.

When giving any of these procedures, technologists adjust the controls of the equipment. When conducting fluorosopy, they monitor images on video screens. Technologists monitor patients' during the procedures and report problems to doctors.

Radiologic technologists may supervise and train other radiologic staff members and maintain patient records. They may also be in charge of maintaining special equipment and doing inventory of medical supplies.

Task List

The following list of occupational tasks is specific to radiologic technologists.

Common Work Activities

Radiologic technologists perform the following tasks. These tasks are common to many occupations.


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The Radiologic technologists perform the following occupational tasks:

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