Getting Started

Step 1 - College Admission and Assessment

There is a separate application process to the college which includes, admission, assessment and transcript review. This process will take time, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time (at least 4-6 weeks).

Admission Application

Complete the Online Application for admission if you haven't already done so. Students may apply online or in person at the admissions counter in Bldg. 7.  Within 5 days, the Admissions Office will mail you a letter acknowledging receipt of your application and you will also be assigned a permanent student ID number. Keep track of this number for assessment, registration, etc.

*Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Contact the Financial Aid office in Bldg. 14 for more information or call 253.566.5080. Financial aid forms must be completed upwards of 3-6 months prior to your expected start date, please apply early.

Skill Level Assessment

The college will require you to take an Entry Skills Assessment this assessment is in order to find out what level of reading, English, and math you are starting at if you haven't yet completed college-level courses.

This assessment is called the "Accuplacer" and available here on the TCC campus. Picture ID is required and there is an $18 fee. Check the online resources available to help you prepare for taking this assessment. Call 253.566.5158 for testing dates and times.

Testing may be waived if you have completed college-level math and English at another college (bring in your transcripts for review) or if you have taken the Asset, Compass, or CPT assessment test at another college within the past two years.

The Radiologic Science program does not require assessment scores, however, if you need to complete prerequisites here at Tacoma Community College you will need to complete the assessment in order to register for and take courses.

Transferring Credits from a prior college

You may have already taken some college courses that fulfill all or some of the admission requirements. Before you are advised by an advisor in the Radiologic Science program, you must have your transcript review completed.

If you plan to transfer credits from another college to be used to satisfy prerequisites at TCC or intend to apply transfer credits toward a degree or certificate program at TCC, you must provide an official, sealed transcript to the Records and Registration Office, Bldg. 7 prior to and/or no later than April 1st to be considered for the application period. Credit evaluations usually take 2-4 weeks. You will receive a copy of the evaluation in the mail. If unofficial transcripts were used in the Transcript Review process, official transcripts must be supplied before credit will be evaluated and posted to your TCC record. FAX copies of transcripts are not accepted as official transcripts.  (Official Transcripts must be sent/taken to the Records and Registration Office, Bldg. 7, 253.566.5037)

For more detailed information regarding the TCC admission requirements please go to:


Step 2 - Prerequisites


In order to to apply for acceptance into the Radiologic Science program you must complete a series of prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better and within two (2) attempts before a student can apply to the program. Attempts count when a letter grade of less than a "C" (2.0) is recorded on a student transcript. Withdrawals (W), or (WI) do not count as an attempt.

Prerequisites - All prerequisites courses listed below must be completed with a grade

There is a five (5) year limit for all math and science courses at time of application deadline April 1st.


Step 3 - Application Submission

Radiologic Science Online Admission Process

Beginning January 2, 2017 the Radiologic Science application will be available online.  Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2017 at 5:00 PM. 

Applications will only be accepted via the online submission process.


To apply to the Radiologic Science program, you will need to be an admitted or registered student at Tacoma Community College and have access to the student portal and a TCC e-mail account. If you have not attended TCC in the past 12 months, please fill out the admission application link on the main TCC web page, or you can type in the following link:

It may take 24-48 hours for your account to be activiated and you to be granted TCC student portal and email access. There is no fee to apply to the Radiologic Science program. Here is how to access the online applicaiton:

  1. Sign into the TCC portal (requires you to have an active TCC student account)
  2. Go to your Quick links area and expand the All Reports and Applications
  3. Select the Academics tab and click on make button for the Allied Health/Nursing link





  4. You should now see a button called Allied Health/Nursing on your Quick Links list.

5. This will allow you to access a series of pages that walks you through the application process. Note the application is very straight forward and mainly involves selecting the program you are applying for (Radiology Science (RS), the quarter (Fall 2017) and uploading the required documentation (Radiologic Science Virtual Information Session Certificate, Visitation Form and the Guidelines and Acceptance form.

6. When you have completed the application the system will send a confirmation e-mail to your TCC e-mail. This is the only e-mail that Tacoma Community College/Allied Health Division will use to communicate with students on their Radiology Science applications.  




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What is the deadline to apply to the Radiologic Science program?

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If transferring in credits from previous schooling, students must submit _____________ transcripts to the _______________ office in Building 7.

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In order to apply to the program students must successfully complete (with a C or better) the seven (7) pre-req's and 8-hour hospital visit.



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