Cost of Attendance

Students are encouraged to review the official Tuition Rate information posted by Tacoma Community College at:

The following table reflects the current tuition rates for a Full-Time Resident student.*

Tuition Costs

Quarter 1 - Fall



Quarter 2 - Winter



Quarter 3 - Spring



Quarter 4 - Summer



Quarter 5 - Fall



Quarter 6 - Winter



Quarter 7 - Spring



Quarter 8 - Summer






Approximate Miscellaneous Costs

Background check/Health Record Tracking


Background check renewal fee


Magnus Immunization Portal renewal fee


Course Lab & Clinical Fees for all 8 quarters


Facility, Technology & Safety Fees






Name Tag


Monitor Service TLD


Film Markers


Leadership Conference (2nd year of program)


Health Physical




Medical Insurance


WSRT Membership (every year of program)



Graduation and Registered Radiologists Fees

Washington State Certification


National Registry Exam

$125 - $200

Graduation Regalia (optional)


Passport Photo (2 each)



Due to variations in books, disposables, and other associated costs, prices are subject to change without notice. * Tuition cost as of fall 2012 - spring 2013

* These numbers are purely an estimation; real tuition rates will vary. These estimations also do not factor in additional fees associated with tuition including but not limited to student approved campus fees and course fees.

Additional fees added at time of registration include:

Please note:

Tuition rates subject to change by Washington State Legislature.

Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration and payment must be completed within 2 business days of registration. Continuing students and new students who register early may defer fee payment until the published deferment date (see Quarterly Class Schedule calendar).

Some courses have additional fees assessed.

Washington Online (WAOL) students are assessed an additional fee of $8.00 per credit. This fee is non-refundable once the course begins.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents who have not yet established Washington residency may now attend TCC at a reduced rate. This optional waiver has been approved by the TCC Board of Trustees, but may not be available at all state colleges. A student who plans to transfer to a college that does not participate in this waiver is advised to establish Washington residency before transfer. Residency information is available at the Admissions Counter.


The estimated cost of books for the entire two year degree program is approximately $1500.

Students will have the option to purchase necessary books in a variety of ways.The TCC bookstore sells books on a quarterly basis on-campus (Bldg. 11) or online ( Students may also utilize alternative book buying sites to purchase textbooks, however, students are cautioned to make sure that they are purchasing the correct edition by double checking the ISBN numbers listed at the TCC bookstore and/or in their classroom syllabus.

Financial Aid

Basic Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for financial aid at TCC you must:

If you are advised into Adult Basic Education classes, you will not be eligible to receive financial aid until you have successfully completed that coursework.

Financial Aid is not available for High School Completion, GED, Running Start, Fresh Start or Continuing Education classes.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid takes time!



You have not completed the financial aid application process at TCC until:

Students must apply for aid each year, not every quarter. Classes fill quickly. Don't wait to register! For more information, please refer to :


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