Admission Requirements & Application Procedure




or MATH 95

Mathematics for the Health Sciences (recommended)

Intermediate Algebra (formerly MATH 99)



CHEM& 110

Chemical Concepts w/Lab or equivalent



ENGL& 101

English Composition I or equivalent



*BIOL& 241

Human Anatomy and Physiology I or 5 credits of course equivalent



BIOL& 242

Human Anatomy and Physiology II or 5 credits of course equivalent



HIM 130

Medical Terminology



CMST& 101

or CMST 110

or CMST& 220

Introduction to Communication

Multicultural Communication

Public Speaking


*There is an additional prerequisite for BIOL& 241, which is BIOL& 160 (This is a requirement for students attending Tacoma Community College only)

Official Transcripts

Hospital Visitation

Visitation Instructions and Guidelines

Documentation of an 8-hour visitation (job shadow) to a diagnostic radiology department is a requirement to apply to the Radiologic Science program. The purpose of the visit allows you to see what a staff radiographers job entails. TCC's radiologic science program is designed to prepare a student to effectively work in this type of environment. Following are the specific visitation instructions:

 When you go for your visitation, you need to take the following forms with you:

For access to the forms, please visit: Visitation Instructions, Guidelines and Forms


The Visitation form and the Guidelines and Acceptance form must be completed and upload by the student to the Radiology online application through your TCC portal


If you wish to visit one of our clinical affiliates, you may ask one of the students any questions you have about the program and you will need to contact the volunteer office at the following facilities to coordinate your visit:



Franciscan System

Providence Hospital System

Harrison Medical Center


St. Joseph

St. Peter


In Bremerton

Tacoma General

St. Francis

Prov. Hosp - Centralia




St. Clare




Please DO NOT attempt to schedule a visit to Madigan Hospital at Ft. Lewis. They are not an affiliated site and cannot accommodate your request


When observing a diagnostic radiology department at the hospital, it is extremely important to dress appropriately. A professional, clean appearance is necessary as you will be observing patients. Please follow the guidelines below:


If visiting a Franciscan system hospital you must coordinate your visit with the main volunteer office. If visiting a Multicare facility you must coordinate your visit with their Human Resources department.

[1] A diagnostic radiology department is found in a hospital.

[2] A diagnostic radiology department can also be an imaging center. Examples of these include Diagnostic Imaging Northwest or DINW, Tacoma Radiology Associates or TRA, or South Sound Radiology.




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