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Purchase a $5 TCC Orca Pass and Ride Pierce Transit Routes all Quarter Long

This is a pilot program to introduce public transportation services to current TCC students. This program aims to build a culture of using public transportation services by providing easy, convenient, access to students.

How to get your TCC ORCA Pass

  1. Bring your Student ID card to the Cashier in Building 14.
  2. Pay $5 (cash or check) at the Cashier. (No refunds. No exceptions.)
  3. Fill out the Orca Agreement given to you by the Cashier.
  4. Bring your Cashier receipt and Orca Agreement to Campus Safety in Building 14 to pick up your TCC Orca Pass.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligible to purchase the TCC Orca Pass?

  • All students enrolled at TCC for the current quarter.
  • Cashier will verify enrollment at time of payment.

What dates is the Winter Quarter Pass good for?

  • January 2nd through Spring Break until the first day of Spring Quarter, April 2nd

What routes can I ride with the TCC Orca Pass?

  • All Pierce Transit Routes at all times. https://www.piercetransit.org/documents/
  • Any other services added to your TCC Orca Card will be your responsibility to pay for and will be lost between quarters.

What if I already have an Orca Card?

  • You can keep your personal Orca Card but must purchase and receive a TCC Orca Card to receive the discount.
  • Any other services added to your TCC Orca Card will be lost between quarters. Please consider using a different card for additional services.

Will my TCC Orca Card work for Spring Quarter if I pay another $5?

  • No.
  • You will need to purchase and pick up a brand new card each quarter.

What if I lose my TCC Orca Card?

  • You can purchase a replacement card for $5 via the same process. Your lost card will be deactivated when you receive your replacement card. There is no limit on the number of replacement cards you can purchase.

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