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Math Resources

Welcome to the Math Resources page. Here you will find information about study skills to help you succeed in your math classes. Follow the links for information and videos. The videos were originally made for a math study skills course here at TCC.

Getting the Most out of Class
Make sure that you maximize your ability to learn while you are in class.
Getting the Most out of Class Video

Learning Styles Preference Inventory
Discover the way you best learn math. Then go to the tips for your learning style linked below.

Tips for Auditory Learners
Are you an auditory learner? Here are some strategies for learning.

Tips for Kinesthetic Learners
Are you a kinesthetic learner? Here are some strategies for learning.

Tips for Visual Learners
Are you a visual learner? Here are some strategies for learning.

Taking Good Notes
Some tips for note taking in math class.

Keeping an Organized Notebook
Organization is important. Make sure you can find all of your materials in an organized notebook.

Notecards are a useful study tool. Learn how to make them and use them in your study time.
Notecards and Learning Maps Video

Learning Maps
Learn how to make a one page “map” of topic.
Notecards and Learning Maps Video

Reading a Math Text Book
Reading your math book can be intimidating. Learn how to get the most from it.
Reading your Text Book Video

Prep Pages
Prep pages are a good way to organize the material from your book and get ready for class.

Tackling Word Problems
Most students find word problems intimidating. Use this four step process to break down the questions and solve them with confidence.
Word Problem Solving Video
This video works through the four step process
Metacognition and Annotation Video
These strategies will help you understand and break down word problems

Study Time
The time you spend working on math outside of class needs to involve more than just assigned homework problems.
Study Time Video

Study Groups
Time spent studying in groups is often more productive than time spent studying alone. How and why to form a study group for your math class.
Study Groups Video

Test preparation and Test Taking
Learn strategies for studying, preparing for, and taking a test.

Practice Tests
Practice tests can be an excellent way to help yourself get ready for a math test. How do you make and use a practice test?
Practice Tests Video

Time Management
With so many demands on their time, students must learn time management skills to be successful. Here are some tips.
Stress and Time Management Video

Math and Test Anxiety
Many students experience anxiety when it comes to learning math and taking tests.



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