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Our advisors can help you reach your immediate,
short-term and long-term career goals!

Get Started with Career Coach or What Can I Do with This Major?

Maybe you know the field you want to work in, but you don't know what jobs are available or which ones are right for you. Or maybe you're starting from scratch, looking for a first job or a brand new career.

Spend a few minutes on this website to find out what's right for you.

Make an appointment for individual attention or just stop by the Career Center in Building 7.

Who am I? Free Assessments
Identifying your interests, values, skills, aptitudes, and personality is the first step in choosing a career. We offer free assessments in all five areas!

Where am I going? Learn about occupations
We'll help you learn about the occupations that match your unique skills, strengths, and personality.

How can I get there? Educational advising
Once you know your career direction, we'll help find the TCC classes, programs, workshops and internships to get you there.

TCC Job Fair: April 19, 2018

TCC promises to give you relevant training and education for wherever you want to go after college. A big part of that promise is helping you discover your unique destination.


Employers - Post Positions

TCC, Highline Community College, Green River Community College, Renton Tech., and the Pierce District are working together for the benefit of our students and employers.

Contact the Career Center

Building 7, in Counseling & Advising Services
Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm


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