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Happy Open Education Week!

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Monday, March 10, 2014 – March 10-15 is Open Education Week. What is open education? It’s a movement to save students money by using Open Educational Resources (OER) as a low-cost alternative to traditional textbooks. 

At TCC, we’ve saved students about $648,000 on textbooks since 2012. According to students surveyed in 2013:

  •   83 percent of students found OER materials easy to access
  •   93.9 percent of students would take an OER course again

TCC students share their OER experiences on a blog called “The Liberated.” Here’s I. Branch on the OER student experience at TCC:

“Knowing what OER classes are like (amazing), I now look to only take instructors involved in OER because...what I take away from the quarter is so much more. Although OER was designed to save students money, I truly believe it does a lot more than that.”

Read student stories about OER at

Read about TCC’s pioneering efforts in OER education in this Seattle Times article.

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