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Notice for New Veterans

Veteran_ApplyButtonClasses start every September, January, March and June.
Apply online or in person.

All veterans should start the enrollment process as soon as possible. The college is experiencing an extremely high demand for seats in all courses. During the last two terms, all slots for new applicants were filled and some of our veterans were unable to register and qualify for their veterans benefits.

Start the enrollment process by applying online to TCC, or in person at our Enrollment Services office, Bldg. 7. You will be assigned a student ID number and hear more about the steps to be completed for enrollment (assessment, orientation, advising and registration).

In conjunction with the enrollment process, veterans must inprocess with the Veterans Services office in Bldg. 14 before being certified for their benefits from the VA. During the veterans inprocessing, we will brief you on VA policies in regards to attendance, grades, pay issues, satisfactory academic progress, etc. We will also explain our policies as the apply to your benefit (Montgomery GI Bill, Post 9-11 GI Bill, VA Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.)

You can also request to start receiving key information about TCC programs and important deadlines automatically on InsideTCC. Sign-up takes 5 minutes and it is helpful in keeping you on track. For assistance with any of the enrollment steps, contact the Outreach & Recruitment office at 253.566.6042. Tell them you would like to start the enrollment process as soon as possible.

Class Attendance Policy

Any student who is an active member of the National Guard or Reserve must be aware of the TCC policy on class attendance. Generally, it is at the absolute discretion of each instructor whether or not they will allow any excused absences from classroom instruction. Depending on the instructor or class content, your drill or AT dates may or may not be excused.

Always contact each instructor separately before the beginning of the term. Do not wait until you have already started a course to find out that the instructor will not excuse your absences.

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