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✓ Apply for Admissions at TCC

  • Apply here
  • You'll recieve your student ID within 24 hours of application to TCC along with information about your student account (ctcLink) creation and TCC Portal access
  • Apply for Financial Aid, ASAP (consider other funding options for your education)

✓Apply through VA/Vets.gov
(Chapter 33-Post 9/11 ONLY)

  • Apply through VA/Vets.gov
  • Save and print your confirmation
  • If you already have your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) letter, you do not need to complete the VONAPP

✓All Other Benefits: Apply through VA/Vets.gov
(Chapter 30/Chapter 31/Chapter 35 Dependents Educational Assistance Program/Chapter 1606-Select Reserve/Reserve Educational Assistance Program-National Guard)

  • Apply through Vets.gov
  • Save and print your confirmation
  • If you already have your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) letter, you do not need to complete the VONAPP

✓Send DD-214 (member copy 4) and Confirmation Page to Veteran Services

✓Required In Processing Documents

  • Recieve email from Veterans Services with the following three documents:
    • General Checklist, inital items 1-11
    • Change of Program, select your TCC program of study
    • Post 9/11 and Financial Aid compliance form
  • Send documents back to Veterans Services after signing and dating

✓Assement Testing/Unofficial Transcript Review


✓New Student Advising Orientation (NSAO)

  • Sign up
  • Please bring your unofficial transcripts to the NSAO, if applicable
  • You will be registering for classes at NSAO.
  • Important note pertaining to class selection:
    • To have your credits certified in VAONCE (classes paid for), classes must be required for your degree
    • Make sure at least one class is taken in residence, hybrid classes do not count
    • Full time = 12 credits or more (benefits are paid at 100%). Less than full time = less than 12 credits (benefits are paid at less than 100%). Pay Rate Table.
    • Ask the NSAO advisor about having your PE credit waived via your DD-214
  • Verify that your classes are being held and preventing you from being dropped for non-payment in your Student Center (ctcLink)

✓During the Quarter - Details to Know

  • Order official transcripts from attended colleges to have credits evaluated and applied toward your degree
    • Send to: Tacoma Community College, Enrollment Services, 6501 South 19th Street, Tacoma, Washington 98466
  • Any changes to your classes (adding/dropping) must be done during the first five instructional days of the quarter to avoid penalty charges
  • Dropping classes prior to the eighth week of the quarter (sixth for summer quarter) may result in repayment to the VA
  • Academic calendar
  • If you stop going to any class, please contact TCC Veterans Services immediately


Contact Veteran Services

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