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Admissions Team

Reaching Out to Help You Move UP!

Top Tips for New & Prospective Students

  1. Be tenacious in asking questions
  2. Fill out forms completely and early
  3. Be open minded
  4. Read each class syllabus
  5. Trust the educational process
  6. Make an effective time-management plan
  7. Use your support network... we're behind you 100%!

If you're a new or prospective student at TCC, you probably have a lot of questions. The TCC Outreach & Recruitment team is here for YOU! Tell us about your educational and professional goals and where you want to go ... we'll help you figure out the best way to get there.

How can we help you?

  • Guide you through the application and enrollment process
  • Answer your questions about programs offered at TCC
  • Represent and assist you at campus events and activities

Want to learn more about TCC and your programs of interest? Then sign up here to receive updates on deadlines and information tailored to your interests. InsideTCC also serves as your very own personal portal to help give you an “inside look” into life on campus.

Contact an Admissions representative today, and start planning the steps to your future! Email or call 253.566.6042.

Keep reading for more tips from each of our team members!

Meet the Team!


image of Lori ParrishLori Parrish

Outreach & Recruitment Specialist

Education: Masters Degree (May 2011), Organizational Leadership (Chapman University); Bachelors Degree (May 2007) - Double Major, Criminal Justice and Sociology (Washington State University)

Tips for Prospective Students

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help!  No one gets to and through college without guidance from others. Ask questions, be critical, and think about what YOU want out of your experience. TCC has a whole department dedicated to helping prospective students ease their way into the college experience—and that would be US—the Outreach team! Use us … it’s our job!
  • Be your own biggest advocate! No one can help you like you can help yourself. Stay on top of paperwork, deadlines, and finances. There are people to help you along the way but ultimately, YOU must hold yourself accountable for your success! 
  • Be open minded! College is a rare time in which you not only get to explore different fields of study but you get to explore yourself and gain perspective on the world surrounding you. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from those around you both in and outside the classroom.
  • Create a support network! It NEVER hurts to establish a good relationship with your professors, peers, and TCC staff. Surrounding yourself with people who want to see you achieve your goals is always beneficial to your success!

Why I work at TCC: Having grown up in Tacoma in a low-income family and as a first generation college student, I see access to higher education as essential to self progress as well as the improvement of my community. After working at the Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS) and the College Success Foundation, I understand that navigating complex systems such as higher education can take some motivation, tools, and reassurance— all traits I am here to provide for you!

TCC's mission, amazing staff, and culturally rich student body are what brought me here. Now I look forward to helping further TCC as a front runner in providing quality education to all who welcome the opportunity!

One of my favorite things to do: I LOVE SPORTS! Following them, playing them, watching them, debating them! Tacoma Community College has excellent baseball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball teams, which makes working here a bonus!

Meg Estep Woolf

meg woolfAssistant Director, Outreach & Recruitment

Education: Masters Degree: Masters of Public Administration (University of Washington—Seattle); Bachelor’s Degrees: Speech Communication & Political Science (University of Washington—Seattle)

Tips for prospective students

  • Believe in yourself. Sometimes the first is the hardest step to take, but time will fly if you just get started.
  • Trust the process. Going (back) to school can be intimidating and overwhelming; we promise that will pass!
  • Explore. Give yourself permission to explore different classes to find out what you’re good at.
  • Ask for help. Part of being in college is taking responsibility for your own success. So utilize your professors, advisors, TCC staff and especially your outreach staff—we are here to support you through the process!

Why I work at TCC: Access to education is so important. After working at the UW-Seattle for 12 years, I came to realize that there are many students for whom higher education was not a foregone conclusion. I believe that closing that gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ of education is critical to a society that is fair and just. Working in outreach at a 2-year community college such as TCC is allowing me to participate in the important work of ensuring students of all backgrounds have access to the education they deserve, to change their lives as they choose.

One of my favorite things to do: I love ceramics. I love to work with clay and make things—vases, plates, bowls, anything! I love the artistic outlet and that cool, calming feeling of wet clay on hands. I’ve taken ceramics classes at both TCC and UW. The ceramics facilities and professors that TCC has are as superior as a 4-year school! It is just one of the amazing resources for students at TCC.

Adriana Tsapralis

Adriana TsapralisOutreach Assistant

Education: Bachelor’s Degree:  Psychology with a Communication Studies minor (Western Washington University, June 2013); Associates Degree from Pierce College (2011)

Tips for prospective students

  • Take classes in subjects you aren’t familiar with! It’s okay to acknowledge your limits in more demanding courses, but allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone and learn something completely new just for the sake of knowledge. Being a well-rounded learner is a valuable asset both personally and professionally.
  • Take pride in your work! A lot of us have spent years learning just enough to get by, and doing just well enough to earn the grades we want, but there is a lot of room for personal expression in higher education. When you feel good about the work you’re producing, and you’re not forcing your way through school, you are taking control of your education.
  • Attend events on campus whenever possible, whether it’s an academic workshop, a performance, or a cultural celebration (the events calendar in your MyTCC portal is a wonderful tool). The more information and breadth of experience you take with you, the better!

Why I work at TCC: As someone who had to maneuver the (sometimes confusing) processes of admission, the Running Start program, and transferring to a university, I know that college can be overwhelming when you don’t know who to talk to. With my position in Outreach, I get to use my knowledge and experiences with higher education to be a resource to students as they make the decision to attend college.

One of my favorite things to do: I am a major entertainment junkie, and I love talking about music, books, TV shows and films. I think the best way to engage me in conversation is to talk to me about one of your favorites or ask for a recommendation.

Tu 'Louis' Chu

Louis Tu ChuStudent Outreach Assistant (work study)

Education: Graduated from Mount Tahoma HS in 2013. Attending TCC since summer 2013, and in the process of getting my Associate in Arts and Sciences. My future plan is to transfer to UW Seattle. 

Tips for prospective students

•     You are not alone! Many students worry about college because they do not know where to get help. As a member of the Outreach team, I and others are more than happy to help you to go through the admission process, as well as explore your path. 

•     Pursue your passion. Do what you love to do. Just be yourself, take classes that interest you.

•     Time management. Knowing how to organize your time is the key to success in many situations especially while you are in college.

Why I work at TCC

As a first generation college student, and sometimes having trouble communicating with people because of the language barrier (English is not my first language), I experienced that it was not easy to go to college.

Why do I work at TCC? I want to reach students who have faced similar issues that I have, helping them to find their interests and guiding them through the enrollment process. In addition, working in Outreach allows me to open up to people more and improve my English. 

Favorite things to do: 

I love art in general. Anything related to art is my favorite! I like to draw and express my feelings through drawing. I am also in love with fashion. I want to become a fashion designer.

Liliana Lopez Caracoza

Liliana Lopez-SaracozaStudent Outreach Assistant (work study)

Education: Currently a student at Tacoma Community, obtaining an Associate’s Degree with an emphasis on Communications. Future plan is to transfer to the University of Washington-Seattle for the Journalism program.

Tips for prospective students:

  • Get organized! Use a calendar and figure out the times you are available for different things that are important to you, such as time for school work, family/friends, and other activities in your life. I have learned the hard way that being organized is one of the key skills needed to be a great college student.
  • Make time for you! Taking a break once in a while is one of the best things that you can do as student. Sometimes with a busy schedule we forget about ourselves, even the simplest things like eating. Eat healthy and take care of yourself—and come back refreshed!
  • Be on time—always! This is one of the things that professors value the most. I am still in the process of learning and practicing time management. Just remember life is like a clock, always ticking away…
  • Bilingual students: embrace your roots, and your language! Help others around you that in turn benefits our community here at TCC.  

One of my favorite things to do: I love writing about issues that matter and can give people a new perspective on things—a way of change. One of my other loves is talking to other people (getting out of my comfort zone). And ice cream, too. Movies, and discovering new activities are other things I do with my free time. My dream is to travel the world!

Why I work at TCC:  Being a student at TCC has taught me different lessons, and given me new perspectives on my future. TCC is a great place to meet and see people from other backgrounds that may have the same perspective as you. That is my main motive for being part of the awesome team in Outreach: to help students like you and me find our passion, and motive in life. We are here for you, ready to learn together and show you what is possible at TCC.

Have questions?

Contact us: Outreach & Recruitment, 253.566.6042 or We'll walk you through the process of becoming a student at TCC!

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