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What kind of financial aid is available at TCC?

TCC offers a range of financial aid, including grants, loans and scholarships from a variety of sources.

  • Grants (including the Pell Grant) do not typically need to be repaid.
  • Scholarships can be awarded for academic achievement, athletic or artistic talent, financial need, particular fields of study or involvement in the community.
  • Loans must be repaid, but some defer repayment until after graduation.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Financial aid is a process. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), and then a TCC Financial Aid Institutional Form to begin the process. See the How to Apply section of the Financial Aid web page for detailed information to make sure you're on track!

When should I begin the financial aid process?

As soon as you possibly can! If you submit or mail your FAFSA on the file completion date your award will not arrive in time to cover tuition. Your enrollment may be cancelled due to non-payment. Many students tell us that doing the FAFSA on the web was easy once they sat down to give it a try. Remember, the last couple of weeks before the deadlines are very hectic both for our office and the federal processing center. File early and avoid the rush.

What's the deadline for financial aid?

Your deadline depends on what quarter you want to start school. Find out your intended quarter's financial aid file completion deadline here. If you miss a deadline you may still get aid, but plan for it arriving after the quarter starts.

Time really is money in this case! Submit your FAFSA as soon as you can, and look for your Student Aid Report (SAR) in the mail/email, as it will arrive within two weeks of completing the FAFSA. Respond quickly to any requests for more information -- your chance to get the best money possible depends on how promptly you meet requests.

What if I miss the deadline for financial aid?

If you miss the deadline (or file completion date) for the quarter you want to start school, you can still apply for financial aid; however, if you sign up to attend classes you should be prepared to pay for your own tuition and books, as any financial aid you may be eligible to receive may not be ready until sometime after the start of the quarter well past the tuition due date.

Should I wait to find out what financial aid money I get?

No, do not wait to register for classes. Classes fill up quickly. Sign up for a New Student Orientation (NSO) and select classes in advance of hearing about your financial aid award.

How can I check the status of my financial aid?

Outstanding items are listed on your ctc Link Student Centerl.

Students should regularly check their TCC student email (assigned to you when you first applied to the college), and regularly check the email that is listed as 'preferred' on their Student Center. Be aware that TCC email is the college's primary form of communication.

How will dropping classes affect my financial aid?

Any changes in your registration may affect your financial aid. There are serious consequences if you do not attend all classes that your financial aid is based on. Students must also stay on track by only enrolling in classes required for their program of study. If you withdraw before the census date you may owe money back. More specific information is on the finanical aid page of you TCC student portal. If you are thinking of withdrawing from one or all of your classes, speak with someone in the TCC financial aid office first! We want to help you avoid problems. Call 253.566.5080, or search staff contacts here. Faculty and staff from areas outside the Financial Aid office are not required to know financial aid policies.

What do I need to turn in to Financial Aid

Here's what TCC needs from you to begin the financial aid application process:

  • Apply to TCC
  • Complete FAFSA and list TCC
  • Complete TCC Financial Aid Institutional Form
  • We may need additional information - check your email and ctcLink Student Center

What should I do if there is inaccurate information on my Student Aid Report (SAR)?

Contact the financial aid office as soon as you notice anything inaccurate or that you have questions about. You are responsible for ensuring the information on it is complete and accurate. Respond promptly to any comments.

Where can I find scholarship information?

The TCC Foundation gives over $200,000 per year of scholarship money to TCC students, both incoming and current students. Scholarship criteria can be based on academic achievement, athletic or artistic talent, financial need, particular fields of study or involvement in the community. The scholarship application season is usually January through March for the following academic year. Students can apply for TCC Foundation scholarships online. Students can also research external scholarships.

We also recommend students create a profile at the www.theWashBoard.org, a free web-based scholarships clearinghouse for Washington students.

Learn more about Ways2Pay4College - workshops, drop-in services and presentations.

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