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Fall 2014

Beginning Drawing
Learn how to observe the world the way an artist sees, then draw the illusion that represents the world around us. Acquire sketch techniques to illustrate notes and letters or document life experiences. Call for supply list. 6 sessions.
Tacoma: X127 Sept. 24-Oct. 29 W 6:30-7:30p CEART 057 Schlaudraff TCC $69
Gig Harbor: G017 GHART 005 Sept. 25-Oct. 30 Th 6:30-8:30p GHC Schlaudraff $99

NEW! Beginning Painting with Alcohol Ink Saturday Workshop
No previous experience is necessary to enjoy the free-flowing and vibrant colors of alcohol inks. It's about creative play and watching the unique effects created by the inks themselves. Unlike any other painting experiences, even an accomplished artist will find something new and, if you are trying to loosen up, this could be just the solution. All supplies provided. 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G088 GHART 044 Oct. 11 Sa 9:30a-12:30p GHC Finnigan $39

Take Time for Art with Carrie Whitacre
Take time for art with fellow students! By request, an art class driven by what you need to learn (your choice of medium). Individual instructions provided to help and motivate you. Tools and tips offered to help solve problems and improve techniques. This class allows students to work on individual projects with instruction available for specific needs. Positive instructional help with the art you want to create. Please have a basic understanding of your chosen medium. 8 sessions.
Gig Harbor: G026 GHART 093 Sept. 25-Nov. 13 Th 3-4:30p GHC Whitacre $139

Watercolor Techniques the Zoltan Szabo Way (Continued)
Prerequisite: Watercolor Techniques the ZS Way.
This class is a continuation of the first class. We will continue with the lessons and complete the book while improving technique and color choice.
8 sessions. No class Nov. 11.
Gig Harbor: G093 GHART 045 Sept. 23-Nov. 18 Tu 10a-12:30p GHC Whitacre $139

Zen Doodling is a fascinating, meditative style of drawing that allows you to unwind from stress, focus your thoughts, and explore your creative side - even if you have no artistic talent! In this class you will learn a variety of striking drawing patterns, styles and techniques, based on Zentangle®. This technique uses simple, repetitive lines and shapes and deliberate pen strokes to create striking, one-of-a-kind abstract art. Instructor will provide all supplies. (A $10 materials fee is due to the instructor at the first class -cash only please). 4 sessions.
Tacoma: X134 Oct. 30-Nov. 20 Th 6-8p CEART 047 Alexander TCC $79
Gig Harbor:G005 GHART 051 Oct. 30-Nov. 20 Th 2-4p GHC Alexander $79

Introduction to Mosaics
In this fun, beginning class, students learn the basics of mosaics, from tools and supplies to pattern and design, including color, shape, scale and movement. You'll learn the basics of cutting, laying and grouting. Students will design and create their own mosaic project using materials, tools and supplies provided by the instructor. Students can also bring their own treasures to transform. ($25 materials fee due to the instructor at the first class - cash only please).
4 sessions.
Tacoma: X130 Sept. 26-Oct. 17 F 2-3p CEART 043 Alexander TCC $79
Gig Harbor: G089 GHART 031 Sept. 26-Oct. 17 F 10a-12p GHC Alexander $79

NEW! Pebble Mosaics
Come enhance your own indoor or outdoor space by learning the techniques for creating your own pebble mosaics. Students will create a one-of-a-kind finished piece of their own, using materials, supplies and tools provided by the instructor. (Students are also encouraged to bring their own collections of pebbles, seashells, sea glass, etc.) Past students may come and work at their own pace, although no previous experience is required. (A $25 materials fee is due to the instructor at the first class - cash only please).
Tacoma: 4 sessions
X135 Nov. 7-Dec. 5 F 2-4p CEART 045 Alexander TCC $79
Gig Harbor: 5 sessions. No class Nov. 28.
G180 GHART 064 Nov. 7-Dec. 5 F 10a-12p GHC Alexander $89

NEW! Broken Dish Mosaics - Pique Assiette
Pique Assiette mosaic is a type of mosaic created from materials such as fragments of dishes, old crockery, tiles, bottles, jewelry and broken windows. This art form is not only kind to the environment (giving new life to old things you already have) but also produces whimsical, expressive, one-of-a-kind keepsakes to be cherished forever. Bring your own bits of dishes or crockery and the instructor will provide everything else you will need. An introductory mosaics class is recommended but not required. (An $18 materials fee is due to the instructor at the first class - cash only please). 4 sessions.
Tacoma: X136 Oct. 2-Oct. 23 Th 6-8p CEART 046 Alexander TCC $79
Gig Harbor: G181 GHART 065 Oct. 2-Oct. 23 Th 2:45-4:45p GHC Alexander $79

Beginning Guitar
Bring your acoustic or electric guitar (no bass) to class in playable condition. Learn tuning, basic chords, picking, strumming, chord progressions and rhythm techniques. A beginner course for ages 16 and up. (8 sessions)
Tacoma: X126 Sept. 22-Nov. 10 M 7-8:30p CEMUS 039 Doss TCC $109

Guitar I and II COMBO
Perfect for those knowing "some" guitar, the Combo Session will fill in the nuts and bolts and give you more to work with and new goals to set. The class takes you through chords, strumming, fingerpicks and many styles: rock, pop, country, classical. It then fine tunes your playing with Barre chords, more precision timing, smooth slides, alternative tunings and more positions for chord and melody. No class Nov. 11. (8 sessions)
Tacoma: X125 Sept. 23-Nov. 18 Tu 7-8:30p CEMUS 040 Doss TCC $129

Basic and Intermediate students welcome! Beginner students will make an easy project that teaches knitting fundamentals, while intermediate students will learn how to knit in the round, opening up a whole new world of patterns! (4 sessions)
Tacoma: X027 Sept. 25-Oct. 16 Th 6:30-8:30p CESPI 019 Dean TCC $69

NEW! Gift Sewing
Join us to make gifts for the holidays! We'll make hostess aprons destined to impress your guests! The second session will be reusable gift bags to make gift giving easy, fun and creative. (3 sessions)
Tacoma: X196 Nov. 6-Nov. 20 Th 6:30-8:30p CESPI 022 Dean TCC $69

Basic Sewing
Don't let that sewing machine gather dust! Learn the mechanics of their sewing machine, the accessories, how to thread and sew, as well as the basics of pattern reading and project construction. Students need to bring their own machine. (5 sessions.)
Tacoma: X193 Sept. 23-Oct. 21 Tu 6:30-8:30p CESPI 004 Dean TCC $99

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