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Martin, Randall photoName: Martin, Randall
Credentials: Washington State Teacher's License
Position: Professor
Department: Communication & Transitional Studies (Written/Oral Communications)
Office: Bldg. 18 (Adjunct Fac Center)-202
Phone: 253.460.4399
Email: RMartin@tacomacc.edu


M.A. English CompositionUniversity of Central Oklahoma1996
B.A. English University of Central Oklahoma1991

Educational Philosophy

I believe, as William Yeats once said, "Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire." My job as an instructor is not to stand at the podium and pour my knowledge into your brain—believe me, your brain can hold far more than what I know. Rather, it's my job to inspire you to fill your own mind and to show you different ways to do that. If I can create just a spark of interest in the subject I teach, that fire will be of more value than a hundred, nice lectures.

I believe in offering a variety of learning activities that appeal to different learning styles. I do my best to engage everyone in the class, and sometimes the best way to do that is with small groups. Small groups allow those students who would otherwise not talk in class a venue for debate, and I’ve found that good debate is often where good learning takes place. If you come to my class expecting to sit around and daydream, forget it. I want you to be actively involved in the learning process: not a bucket to fill, but kindling ready ignite with a passion for learning.  

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