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Sledd, Lee photoName: Sledd, Lee
Credentials: M. Ed., Penn State University, Royal Society of the Arts Certificate in Adult TESOL, International House, London
Position: Professor
Department: Communication & Transitional Studies (EAP)
Office: Bldg. F1-31
Phone: 253.566.5314
Fax: 253.566.5314
Email: lsledd@tacomacc.edu

Educational Philosophy

Learning to speak another language is an enormously difficult task for most. It requires persistence, patience and a balance of humility- to acknowledge errors and weaknesses- and confidence, to take risks, perform and continue. Good language instruction provides not only exposure, exercise, grammar and content but also equips the learner with strategies to negotiate error and uncertainty, and to continue improving independently- to become one's own teacher. I see teaching as a craft informed by research, but ultimately an art driven by a passion to help others and engage with ideas, guided as much by intuition, attention and continual inquiry as any curriculum or theory. I believe all people are capable of learning. I enjoy meeting former students who have acheived fluency, earned degrees and gotten jobs- and those who seem incapable of progress, yet have the will to occupy a chair every day, are mysteries that I also enjoy meeting...to try together, and see if we can find some way forward- if not to fluency, at least to better comprehension and functioning in the American environment.

Areas of Interest

Literacy, refugee and immigrant issues, corpus-informed instruction, transitions to secondary and post-secondary education, standards-based curricula and assessment, computer-assisted instruction & multimedia, resources for undocumented students


Lee is originally from Pennsylvania. He began teaching ESOL in 1994 with Hmong seniors and Vietnamese asylum seekers in a refugee processing center in Thailand. From 1996 to 1998 he worked with international students at Penn State, and then served as a Fulbright guest instructor in Debrecen, Hungary before moving to Washington in 1999, where he worked with newly-arrived refugees and immigrants at Tacoma Community House. Since 2005, Lee has taught at Madison Family Literacy, Tacoma Community College's longstanding partnership with Tacoma Public Schools.

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