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You’ve got the experience. Get the degree.

Program description

Tacoma Community College is now offering a new online business degree that works with your schedule, pace and life.

Motivated students can finish a two-year degree within 18 months. How? The program is competency-based – meaning, you work at your own pace and move as far and fast as your proven knowledge takes you.

With this program, you can:

  • Earn credit for what you know. Use knowledge you already have from work or life experience to pass assessments that prove competencies. 
  • Start during the first three months of each enrollment period. Earn your degree without being locked into (or out of) a traditional quarter system.
  • Advance at your pace. Make progress by passing assessments when you are ready. This allows more flexibility with work and family.  
  • Receive personalized support. Get help and guidance from highly qualified instructors and a CBE Completion Coach.

Apply Now

  1. Complete the TCC application.
  2. A TCC advisor will contact you to determine if this program is right for you.
  3. If it is, prospective students will be connected to a program coach/advisor to begin planning.
  4. Complete the business degree application.
  5. Click here for complete enrollment instructions. (see attached)

Program highlights

The degree is:

  • Fully transferable to any four-year university or college in Washington state.
  • Affordable – a year’s tuition is $5,320 ($2,660 per semester) and books are free. At other online universities, tuition can start at $6,000 per year, not including textbooks. Financial aid is available.
  • Rigorous. The program has been designed for working professionals who need a degree to excel in today’s workforce. Students will graduate with confidence and knowledge.

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