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Please Note: We’ll update this page with new information as it becomes available. 

ctcLink is now open to all students. We encourage you to activate your account and explore the new system before the start of fall quarter.

New Announcements

The tuition payment feature is currently unavailable, so we've extended the fall quarter tuition deadline. Students have until Sept. 14, 2015 to pay tuition.

Account Activation Tip: Activate your ctcLink Gateway account from a computer. After your account has been activated, you should be able to access it from your mobile device.

OS Tip: Having trouble getting into your ctcLink Gateway? Try using Firefox or Chrome.

Passoword Requirements Posted: Please see "ctcLink Password Guidelines" below.

About ctcLink

Tacoma Community College is moving to a new system for online processes, including:

  • Financial Aid
  • Payroll
  • Enrollment Services
  • And more

The new system will help us get things done more efficiently. But we’ll need a few days to get the new system up and running, and staff will need some time to learn it. We ask that you pardon our progress – and thank you for your patience during the transition!

ctcLink Info for Students


Student Services Office Hours

Student Services offices have resumed normal summer hours: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. M-Th. Please note that the Financial Aid office is closed Wednesdays for processing.


ctcLink training for students: Find out how to activate your account, manage your personal information, and more!

Activate your ctcLink account

ctcLink Password Guidelines:

  • Must have a minimum of 8 characters
  • Must have 1 upper case letter/alpha
  • Must have 1 lower case letter/alpha
  • Must have 1 number
  • Special character may be used, but not required (such as #,!,%,*)
  • Do NOT use all or part of your first or last name as part of your password.

Need help? Call the Student Help Line: 253.566.5176. 

Get to Know Your New ctcLink Gateway

Starting Aug. 31, there will be two places to access online services and two logins. You’ll be able to access both from the MyTCC page.  

MyTCC Portal:

  • Campus Email
  • Library Resources
  • Campus News & Events
  • Procedures & Policies
  • Forms
  • TCC Sites Sharepoint

ctcLink Gateway:

  • Canvas
  • Student Pages
  • Staff Pages
  • Faculty Pages
  • Enrollment
  • Course Information
  • And more

You will have a separate login for the ctcLink Gateway and the MyTCC Portal. Many services currently provided on the Student Portal will be moved to the ctcLink Gateway.

We strongly recommend that you activate your account and login immediately and get to know the new system!

Student FAQs

General Info

What do I need to do?

To use most online services, you’ll need to activate your ctcLink account.

What if I have problems activating my account?

Support staff will be on hand to help. Call the student help desk: 253.566.5176

Where should I go to get updates?

The most current information will be posted on this page.

Will there be help available as we learn how to use the new system?

Self-service training modules are available online.

What if I forgot to write down my password or ID number?

To retrieve your ID number, call the student help desk: 253.566.5176. You will be able to retrieve your password by answering a question you’ll be prompted to enter when activate your account.

What if I want to apply for a job?

NeoGov, our current job application software, will remain unchanged.

Will I still be able to use CANVAS?

Yes. Canvas will be moving from the Portal to the ctcLink Gateway, but nothing else will change.

Account Activation 

I already activated my account to use the sandbox in training. Am I ready to go?

No. That was only for training purposes. Everyone (students, faculty, staff) must activate their accounts when the system is available starting Aug. 31. Be sure you write down and save your new ctcLink ID number. The system will not email it to you.

When I activate my account, should I use my nickname or my formal name (ex. Rob or Robert)?

The ctcLink system will recognize you by the name in our current system. That is the way you should enter your name for ctcLink.  If you are unsure how your name is set up in the old system you can look it up on the transcripts site. 

Can I create my own ctcLink ID number?

No. The system will automatically assign a number to you. You may create your own password within the requirements shown on the ctcLink activation screen. 

After ctcLink Go-Live (Aug. 24), will my computer logon screen look different when I turn it on in the morning?

No. The name and password you use to login to your individual computer on the campus network will not change. You will use your new ctcLink ID when going online and logging into ctcLink software services. 

Will my SID and PIN go away after Aug. 24?

You will no longer use your SID and PIN. 

How will students log into CANVAS and how will CANVAS import new student information from ctcLink?

Students with existing accounts prior to Go-Live can continue to use their SID-based login. They also will have a new login added to their account when they activate their ctcLink account. Both logins will work and both will take the student to the same Canvas account. New students who create Canvas accounts after Go-Live will only use their ID they receive in the ctcLink system.

What about non-credit students? How will they access ctcLink?

They will be able to go the same activate your account website and follow the same process that the credit students will use.

What’s happening to MyTCC Portal?

Most of the tools and software in the current portal are being replaced by the new Student Center in ctcLink. There will be new ctcLink logon areas in the MyTCC Portal. The Challenge, student email, and a few other services will remain in the MyTCC Portal.

Since current students have a computer system login that uses part of their SID, what will happen after ctcLink?

Students admitted to TCC before the Go-Live date will have a computer system login that uses the last four digits of their legacy SID. Those students must continue to use that login. Students admitted to TCC after the Go-Live date will not have a legacy SID and will be given a computer system login that uses the last four digits of the ctcLink ID.


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