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Fall 2014

NEW! Become a Basketball Referee!
Learn the basic skills, rules, and knowledge to become a basketball referee. The Western Washington Basketball Officials Association (WWBOA) is one of the top high school basketball officials' organizations in the state. This class will give you the opportunity to become a member of the WWBOA and officiate basketball for schools and recreation organizations throughout Pierce County. Officials in the WWBOA referee all (boys/men) school basketball for high school, junior high, middle school, youth and adult recreational programs in the region. Officials from the WWBOA have refereed high school state championship games at all levels for the WIAA. There are former and current members of the WWBOA refereeing in the NBA, NCAA (including the "Bigger Dance"), and small college basketball conferences. Get a front row seat for boys' basketball by being a part of the WWBOA and help to provide the youth in our area with a great basketball experience! No class Nov. 11. (8 sessions)
Tacoma: X171 Oct. 7-Dec. 2 Tu 6-9p CESPI 025 Brown TCC $39

NEW! Making A Great Craft Beer at Home
Learn the basics of home brewing as well as the ways to make your beer even better. Topics include learning brewing processes, equipment, and techniques, understanding and using beer ingredients, and exploring beer styles, recipes and homebrew evaluation. Follow, hands-on, as we make a batch of beer, from kettle to keg. David Whitwell is a competition brewer with 18 years of home-brewing experience. He is currently the Vice President of Homebrewers of Puget Sound (HoPS). (6 sessions)
Gig Harbor: G095 Sept. 23-Oct. 28 Tu 6-8p GHHGD 048 Whitwell GHC $129

NEW! Spanish in Action - Conversational Spanish
Build confidence in a fun, hands-on, interactive beginner's conversational Spanish class. This class aims to promote conversation and reduce apprehension in speaking. Move around the room to different interactive small group centers to learn Spanish through visual, audio, conversational and hands-on activities. Experiencing memorable moments will bring the Spanish language to life. Spanish in Action! Textbook included. (8 sessions)
Tacoma: X035 Sept. 24-Nov. 12 W 6-8p CELAN 010 Ragabo TCC $169

NEW! Demystifying Homeschooling
Whether you're planning to take the plunge or just testing the water, Learning Outside The Box's organizer, Jess Hogan, will answer the common whys and hows of homeschooling. Learn about different homeschooling styles, state regulations, resources, strategies for success, and more! 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G165 GHSPI 046 Sept. 30 Tu 6-9p GHC Hogan $39
Tacoma: X112 Oct. 7 Tu 6-9p CEHOM 002 Hogan TCC $39

NEW! Women, Wisdom and Wealth
Unexpected widow? Late-life divorce? Is your partner no longer capable of helping you with financial decisions? Or, have you always been an independent decision maker? Women often face unique financial and legal challenges. This class is designed to help women gain the tools they need to be confident financial and legal decision-makers. We'll discuss mistake to avoid, and practical steps to reduce worry. The class is co-presented by a woman certified financial planner ™ and a woman estate planning attorney. Workbook included. 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G171 GHSPI 033 Oct. 1 W 6-7:30p GHC North/Lewis $19

Social Security: Strategize to Maximize
This class is designed to help you understand more about your Social Security benefits so you can take steps now to ensure you're reaching your retirement goals. The workshop will help you gain a better understanding of: The basics of the Social Security program; How to estimate your potential benefits; Ways to optimize your benefits. Workbook included. 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G068 GHSPI 001 Oct. 21 Tu 6-7:30p GHC North $19

Long Term Care: To Insure or Not to Insure?
This class will help you create a smart strategy should you need extended care in retirement. What protection can you expect from your health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits and long-term care insurance? With good planning, you may spare your family from the devastating impacts of an extended care event. This class will give you the knowledge and tools to develop a strategy suited to your unique situation. The class is informative only. No solicitation of specific insurance products will be made. Workbook included. 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G119 GHSPI 011 Oct. 28 Tu 6-7:30p GHC North $19

Retirement Income and Estate Planning Workshop
How to build, protect and optimize your retirement income. Why your strategy isn't complete without a smart estate plan. Presented jointly by a Certified Financial Planner ™ and an estate planning attorney, workshop topics include: How to generate a dependable income in retirement. What strategies work in a volatile market. How to make the most of your pension options, 401(k), social security, and other savings. Why you might want to avoid probate. Who needs a trust and who doesn't. What Medicare and Medicaid really cover. How proper planning can protect your independence, your assets, and your family's well-being. Workbook included. 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G069 GHSPI 002 Nov. 18 Tu 6-8p GHC North $19

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