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Need to tackle home repairs?

Growing your own veggies?

Offering practical skills re-discovered for the 21st century, our series of non-credit classes can teach you everything from how to swing a hammer to how to create an effective compost pile! Join us this spring as we explore the possibilities with a new series of classes we call Harbor Homestead.

Browse our course offerings and register now! New classes are offered every quarter and the most popular classes fill up fast... register early to secure a seat!

Fall 2014

NEW! Home Brewing - Making Great Craft Beer at Home
Learn the basics of home brewing as well as the ways to make your beer even better. Topics include learning brewing processes, equipment, and techniques, understanding and using beer ingredients, and exploring beer styles, recipes and homebrew evaluation. Follow, hands-on, as we make a batch of beer, from kettle to keg. David Whitwell is a competition brewer with 18 years of home-brewing experience. He is currently the Vice President of Homebrewers of Puget Sound (HoPS). 6 sessions.
Gig Harbor: G095 GHHGD 048 Sept. 23-Oct. 28 Tu 6-8p GHC Whitwell $129

NEW! Introduction to Bee Keeping
Beekeeping is an interesting hobby with delicious results. If you're thinking about starting a bee hive or are just curious about what's involved with keeping bees, then this great introductory workshop is for you. The class is designed for absolute beginners so no prerequisite knowledge is required. Topics covered include: Becoming a responsible beekeeper or hive host, hive types and costs, seasonal maintenance requirements, recommendations, and more. George Purkett is a current member of West Sound
Gig Harbor: G155 GHHGD 049 Sept. 25 Th 6-8p GHC Purkett $29

NEW! Jam Making
Prerequisite: Beginning Canning with Artondale Farm. Whether you like berries, veggies, or herbs, learn how to put up your own jam so you can enjoy the flavor all year with Artondale Farm's Scott Hogan! Topics include choosing your produce & creative ideas for using it, safety & sanitation, proper canning methodology, and more! 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G137 GHHGD 037 Oct. 15 W 5-8p HBHS Hogan $39

NEW! Grandma's Apple Pie - Start to Finish
Come learn the secrets to a delicious apple pie, just like grandma made! We'll make the crust and filing, then you can take the pie home to freeze or bake in your own oven. Materials fee of $15 per student due at start of class. 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G173 GHHGD 053-A Sept. 22 M 5:30-7:30p HBHS Dean $29
Gig Harbor: G174 GHHGD 053-B Oct. 27 M 5:30-7:30p HBHS Dean $29

Bread Making
Join us as we make delicious bread from scratch! We'll take yeast flour and water and turn it into mouth- watering bread, fresh from your own oven. Students will take home enough dough for two loaf size pans. Due to time constraints, students will bake the loaves in their home ovens. Ingredients fee of $7 to be paid to the instructor at the beginning of class. 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G153 GHHGD 047 - A Sept. 29 M 5:30-7:30p GHC Dean $29
Gig Harbor: G154 GHHGD 047 - B Nov. 3 M 6:30-8:30p GHC Dean $29

NEW! Pickles! Pickles! Pickles!
Prerequisite: Beginning Canning with Artondale Farm. Pickled carrots, pickled beets, or just plain pickles... Learn how to pickle your own produce for future enjoyment with Artondale Farm's Scott Hogan! Topics include choosing and preparing your produce, creative recipe ideas, safety & sanitation, proper canning methodology, and more! 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G158 GHHGD 050 Oct. 22 W 5-8p HBHS Hogan $39

NEW! Beginning Canning
Preserve your own canned fruits and veggies and enjoy them year round! This two-session class, taught by Artondale Farm's Scott Hogan, will first teach basic safety & sanitation, different canning techniques, ingredient preparation, harvest planning, and equipment, then you will go into the kitchen for a hands-on experience with the tools and techniques so you can go home and do it yourself. 2 sessions. At Gig Harbor Campus, Sept. 29. At Henderson Bay, Oct, 6.
Gig Harbor: G133 GHHGD 033 Sept. 29 & Oct. 6 M 5-8p GHC / HBHS Hogan $89

Cooking School

NEW! Holiday Side Dishes
The holidays are on the way! Have you ever wanted to make side dishes with a twist? Join Carrie Clark, owner of Cooks's Whimsy as she teaches you to create a slightly different tradition. We'll put a modern twist on some classic side dishes - all using fresh ingredients! Bring a new dish to that family gathering this year and impress them all! Meal included.
Gig Harbor: G175 GHHGD 054 Oct. 24 F 6-8p HBHS Clark $49

NEW! Intermediate Knife Skills
A continuation of the Basic knife skills class, we'll review proper technique and move on to trickier cuts. Knives provided. Limit 8 People so register early to reserve your spot!
Gig Harbor: G176 GHHGD 055 Sept. 26 F 6-8p HBHS Clark $29

NEW! Intermediate Pasta
Whether or not you have made pasta from scratch you can jump right in to this class. We will make fresh pasta and ravioli. Take your favorite pasta meal to the next level! Meal included.
Gig Harbor: G177 GHHGD 056 Oct. 10 F 6-8p HBHS Clark $49

Backyard Goats - What You Need to Know
Learn the basics of keeping goats and find out whether they're right for you. Topics will include breeds, feeding, housing, fencing, basic breeding, and the benefits and challenges of raising goats. 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G130 GHHGD 030 Nov. 4 Tu 6-9p GHC Hogan $39

PNW Chickens: The Basics & Beyond
Want to raise chickens in your own backyard? Start with an overview of the basics, then learn about egg production optimization, selling eggs, breeding & hatching, first-aid, disease identification and prevention, putting your chickens to work, plus lots of Q & A time with Artondale Farm's Jess Hogan! 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G092 GHHGD 026 Oct. 14 Th 6-9p GHC Hogan $39
Tacoma: X150 Oct. 20 M 6-9p CEHOM 001 Hogan TCC $39

Chicken Coop Design
Don't want to purchase a ready-made coop for your flock? Learn everything you need to know to design and build a coop just for your flock. Topics include: space requirements, nest boxes, feeding supplies, coops vs. tractors, common coop design principles and more! 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G094 GHHGD 028 Oct. 28 Th 6-8p GHC Hogan $39

NEW! Organic Yard Care
Joe Machcinski is owner of Pangea Gardenscapes LLC, a natural and organic yard care business that offers design, education, consulting and care. He has over 15 years experience in the green industry. Come join him as he teaches you the natural, safe way to maintain your yard without the use of chemicals. Natural lawn care is covered as well as the use of alternative plant selections.
Gig Harbor: G167 GHHGD 052 Oct. 11 Sa 9-11a GHC Machcinski $29

NEW! Pruning the Right Way
Come learn the principles of pruning, including tools, techniques, timing and special considerations for Northwest plants and trees. Joe Machcinski is a Master Gardener and member of Plant Amnesty.
Gig Harbor: G166 GHHGD 051 Oct. 11 Sa 11:30a-1:30p GHC Machcinski $29

Food Waste Composting
Back by Popular Demand! Includes bin with worms! Must register at least one week prior to class start so we can order the bins. Composting food scraps with red worms, or vermicomposting, produces rich organic compost for your garden and diverts waste from your trash can. Learn how to setup and maintain a worm bin. Class includes a Food Waste Starter Kit: A pre-drilled 14-gallon plastic bin with top and one pound of red wriggler worms. 1 session.
Gig Harbor: G139 GHHGD 038 Nov. 8 Sa 10a-12p GHC Pierce County $45

Food Waste Composting: No Frills
Class is instructional only. No worms or bin included. 1 Session.
Gig Harbor: G140 GHHGD 040 Nov. 8 Sa 10a-12p GHC Pierce County $15

Make your Own Natural Soap, Bath Products, Deodorant
If you're not a fan of all the extras in commercial bath products, this class is for you! We'll make our own lotion bars, bath bombs and lip balms so we know exactly what is in them. Materials fee of $25 will be collected at the start of first class. First session at GHC. 3 sessions.
Gig Harbor: G135 GHHGD 035 Oct. 7-Oct. 21 Tu 5:30-7:30-p GHC / HBHS Dean $69

Ms. Fix-It: Basic Home Maintenance & Repair for Women

Who needs a handyman when you can do it yourself? This hands-on series, led by Artondale Farm's Jess Hogan, will teach you how to fix common household problems, easily and safely, all in a comfortable, girls-night-out atmosphere. Enjoy the savings and satisfaction of doing it yourself by learning tips, tools, and skills for simple jobs around the house.

Hardware & Repairs
This intro class covers topics such as tool basics & techniques, sheetrock repair, painting tips, installing trim, changing doorknobs & locks, installing shelves & pictures, and using wall anchors! 5 sessions.
Gig Harbor: G125 GHSPI 012 Sept. 25-Oct. 23 Th 6-8:30p GHC Hogan $89

Plumbing topics include clogged drains, leaking faucets, toilet repair, garbage disposals, and caulking repair! Participants should have a basic knowledge of how to use simple tools. 3 sessions.
Gig Harbor: G126 GHSPI 013 Oct. 30-Nov. 13 Th 6-8:30p GHC Hogan $54

Electrical topics include understanding how electricity works, safety, switch and outlet replacement, light fixture replacement, thermostat replacement, light-bulbs, and ceiling fans! Participants should have a basic knowledge of how to use simple tools. 3 Sessions. No class Nov. 27.
Gig Harbor: G127 GHSPI 014 11/13-12/4 6-8:30pm THU GHC Hogan $54


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