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harbor homestead imageThinking about starting
a flock of chickens?

Need to tackle home repairs?

Growing your own veggies?

Offering practical skills re-discovered for the 21st century, our series of non-credit classes can teach you everything from how to swing a hammer to how to create an effective compost pile! Join us this spring as we explore the possibilities with a new series of classes we call Harbor Homestead.

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Key to Class Locations
GHCGig Harbor Campus
3993 Hunt St., Gig Harbor
HBHSHenderson Bay High School
8402 Skansie Ave., Gig Harbor

Spring 2014

Eating Fresh and Local
Support your local farmer! Learn the ins and outs of eating with the seasons from local food sources. Topics will include "why eat local," sourcing local food resources, harvest schedule, CSA's, meal planning, and tips and tricks for getting your family involved and eating local. 1 session.
G132 GHHGD 032 Apr. 16 W 6-8p GHC Hogan $29

Jam Making
Learn the art of making fresh jam from your farmer's market finds! We'll go from fruit to finished product in one night, with each student taking home 3-4 jars of their delicious finished product. Materials fee of $20 covers all ingredients and jars; fee to be paid to the instructor at the beginning of class. 1 session.
G137 GHHGD 037-A Mar. 31 M 5:30-7:30p HBHS Dean $49
G146 GHHGD 037-B Apr. 21 M 5:30-7:30p HBHS Dean $49

Pacific NW Organic Vegetable Gardening Workshop
There's no better produce than that which is grown organically in your own backyard, so let's get growing with Scott Hogan of Artondale Farm. Topics will include garden site placement, soil improvement, local climate variables, planting schedules, crop rotations, organic practices, and the 10 best crops for our area. 1 session.
G131 GHHGD 031 Apr. 3 Th 6-9p GHC Hogan $39

Surefire 2014 Vegetable Gardening for Puget Sound Gardeners
Enjoy this in-depth class open to vegetable gardeners of all levels, experienced or just starting out. Taught by Barb Carr, Pierce County Master Gardener and Community Garden Specialist. We will cover soil basics, vegetable families, seeds and starts, the right varieties to plant, weeding, thinning, bolting, fertilizing, bug control, successive plantings, and cloche gardening. You will learn simple, basic gardening skills that will produce great results! It's not too late to start in May! 6 sessions.
G145 GHHGD 045 May 14-June 18 W 6-8p GHC/WCG Carr $59

Beginning Canning
Preserve your own canned fruits and veggies and enjoy them year-round! This class will first teach basic safety & sanitation, different canning techniques, ingredient preparation, harvest planning and equipment, then you will go into the kitchen for a hands-on experience with the tools and techniques so you can go home and do it yourself! 2 sessions.
G133 GHHGD 033 May 12 & 19 M 5-8p GHC/HBHS Hogan $89

Cooking with Farm Fresh Eggs
Even if you don't have chickens laying eggs for you in the backyard, there are endless ways to make a great egg dish. Come learn to cook! Meal included. 1 session.
G142 GHHGD 042 May 23 F 6-8p HBHS Clark $59

Create Great Meals from Your Garden
With warm weather on its way, we will talk about great options for handling the summer harvest and even make a yummy Zucchini Relish! Meal included. 1 session.
G143 GHHGD 043 June 6 F 6-8p HBHS Clark $59

Successful Community Gardening
Must pre-register. Vegetable gardening experience not required. Have you been wondering what community gardening is all about? Here is your opportunity to get the basic information needed to be a successful community garden participant and/or organizer in Gig Harbor. This class will address topics: different types of community gardens; expectations and benefits; garden education and support. Class taught by Barb Carr, Pierce County Master Garden Community Garden Specialist. 2 sessions.
G141 GHHGD 041 Carr FREE
Session 1: 6:30-8:30p GHC Mar. 26 W
Session 2: 1-3p WCG Mar. 29 Sa

Yard Waste Composting
Come learn about the environmental benefits of composting your yard waste at home. You'll learn the basics of how to maintain a healthy compost pile, whether your yard is big or small. 1 session.
G138 GHHGD 038 April 12 Sa 10a-12p GHC Pierce County $15

Food Waste Composting
Includes bin with worms! Must register at least one week prior to class start so we can order the bins. Composting food scraps with red worms, or vermicomposting, produces rich organic compost for your garden and diverts waste from your trash can. Learn how to setup and maintain a worm bin. Class includes a Food Waste Starter Kit: A pre-drilled 14-gallon plastic bin with top and one pound of red wriggler worms. 1 session.
G139 GHHGD 038 May 10 Sa 10a-12p GHC Pierce County $45

Food Waste Composting: No Frills
Class is instructional only. No worms or bin included in fee. 1 session.
G140 GHHGD 040 May 10 Sa 10a-12p GHC Pierce County $15

Backyard Goats - What You Need to Know
Learn the basics of keeping goats and find out whether they're right for you. Topics will include breeds, feeding, housing, fencing, basic breeding, and the benefits and challenges of raising goats. 1 session.
G130 GHHGD 030 Apr. 23 W 6-9p GHC Hogan $39

Introduction to Self Sufficient Living - Live a Healthier, Greener, Lifestyle
Discover the pleasures and challenges of a healthier, greener, and more self-sufficient lifestyle. Topics will include gardening, livestock, food preservation & storage, alternative methods of expense cutting & income earning, and waste management. 1 session.
G134 GHHGD 034 Apr. 2 W 6-9p GHC Hogan $39

Introduction to Backyard Chickens - What You Need to Know
Have you ever wanted to raise chickens in your own backyard? Join Jess and Scott Hogan from Artondale Farm as they help you learn everything you need to know to get started in this popular backyard endeavor. Topics include: raising chicks, housing, nutrition, daily responsibilities, and more. Lecture with plenty of extra time for questions. 1 session.
G092 GHHGD 026 Apr. 10 Th 6-8:30p GHC Hogan $39

I Have the Chickens, Now What?
So you bought the peeps, now learn how to keep a productive laying flock. Topics include: feed options, egg handling, behaviors, breeding & hatching, keeping roosters, basic medical & disease control, and putting your chickens to work! 1 session.
G093 GHHGD 027 May 7 W 6-9p GHC Hogan $39

Chicken Coop Design
Don't want to purchase a ready-made coop for your flock? Learn everything you need to know to design and build a coop just for your flock. Topics include: space requirements, nest boxes, feeding supplies, coops vs. tractors, common coop design principles and more! 1 session.
G094 GHHGD 028 Apr. 21 M 6-9p GHC Hogan $39

Sewing With RE-Purpose - Reusable Market Bags
Come make re-useable market/shopping bags! Did you know old t-shirts can be turned into shopping bags? Come learn how! We'll get rid of plastic and have you outfitted with all the reusable bags you could ever need, without taking the shirt off your back. 1 session.
G136 GHHGD 036 Apr. 12 Sa 9a-12p GHC Dean $39

Make your Own Natural Soap, Bath Products, Deodorant
If you're not a fan of all the extras in commercial bath products, this class is for you! We'll make our own lotion bars, bath bombs and lip balms so we know exactly what is in them. Materials fee of $25 will be collected at the start of first class. 3 sessions.
G135 GHHGD 035 Apr. 1-15 Tu 5:30-7:30-p HBHS Dean $69

Basic Knitting
Learn the basics of knit and purl while creating an adorable pair of bunny slippers (bunny not required)! These slippers will teach all the techniques you need to continue on with more difficult projects- casting on, knit, purl, increases, decreases and seaming, all in one fluffy package! Open to children 10 and up, accompanied by an adult. 4 sessions.
G144 GHHGD 044 May 6-27 Tu 6:30-8:30p GHC Dean $79

Ms. Fix-It

Basic Home Maintenance and Repair for Women. Who needs a handyman when you can do it yourself? This hands-on series will teach you how to fix common household problems, easily and safely. Enjoy the savings and satisfaction by learning tips, tools, and skills for simple jobs around the house.

Special Projects - Tiling
Do you want to install, repair, or replace the tile in your home? Learn everything you need to know about removing old tiles and measuring, cutting, and laying new ones in this seminar! 2 sessions.
G129 GHSPI 017 5/29 & 6/5 Th 5:30-8:30p GHC Hogan $59

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