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What to Bring?

Be prepared for a FAFSA Night, College Goal Washington or Ways2Pay4College event!

Gather the following information prior to the event:

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number (if any, students only)
  • Email address
  • Your (and your parents’, if dependent) federal income tax information and W2 forms from the prior year.  For the 2014-15 FAFSA, you provide 2013 tax information but bring 2012 paperwork.

NOTE: Do you plan to file your (and your parents, if dependent) tax return electronically? If so, you will be able to access the IRS Data Retrieval Tool while completing the online FAFSA form in order to copy the required information from your tax return directly into the FAFSA.  It’s highly recommended to decrease errors and prevent delays in processing.

  • Asset and investment information (both student and parents) — current bank statements for checking and savings, financial records on mutual funds, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.
  • Untaxed income records not reported on your taxes — Social Security, Temporary Assistance, welfare, or veteran’s benefit records
  • Alien registration card (if not a U.S. citizen)
  • A PIN to securely, electronically sign your FAFSA. (NOTE: you can set this up before, or at the FAFSA event).  

Applications E-signed by a PIN are processed faster. You (and a parent, if dependent) can obtain a PIN at Federal Student Aid PIN.  Save your PIN; you will continue to use the same PIN as your login to file subsequent FAFSAs and to access other online tools.

Things to Know

Don’t wait! It is not recommended to wait to file your FAFSA until you (or your parents) file their tax return. 

Bring the above information and you will be able to complete your FAFSA application before filing taxes by ‘guestimating’ using prior year totals. If you do not have your 2013 tax return, bring your 2012 tax returns with you to aid in completing your FAFSA.

Something is better than nothing. Not all families will have all these documents, but you can still get something out of the event. Volunteers and experts at the event can still help you complete a portion of the FAFSA. 

If you don’t fit the criteria for who can apply for federal financial aid, attend a Ways2Pay4College event at TCC and learn how to find alternatives and/or additional money for college.

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