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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Most students rely on financial aid to make attending college a reality. In today’s challenging economic times, many students seek grants, scholarships, campus employment, and loans to meet their educational expenses.

Help is Available

In 2012-2013 TCC awarded over $40 million dollars in financial aid to approximately 5,600 students. Nationally, approximately 63% of college students receive an average of $7,400 each year to attend college.

Requesting financial assistance starts with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), an online form submitted through the U.S. Department of Education. The FAFSA is the single-most critical application for financial aid. It is required to be considered for most scholarships, grants and loans.

Submitting the FAFSA is the first step, and submitting additional financial aid paperwork is often necessary, and can be different at each college. It is always recommended that every family has at least a first choice and back-up college choice, with all financial aid paperwork completed for both

Students cannot receive financial aid from two schools simultaneously, but students should have completed all financial aid paperwork necessary for a viable ‘back-up’ choice school, in addition to their top choice school(s).

Be a savvy consumer and be sure to research the required paperwork (in addition to the FAFSA) and financial aid deadline(s) for your college(s) of choice.

Before Filing the FAFSA

The FAFSA is a comprehensive form that gathers information about you, and your parents if you are a dependent student. See the tabs at left for information on upcoming FAFSA Help events, steps to apply for financial aid, who can apply, and more.

Take steps to provide accurate information for the FAFSA and you may be able to save time in processing your application.

File Early!

For all students, filing the FAFSA and submitting other financial aid paperwork early guarantees maximum award potential. Attending a FAFSA Help event and completing your FAFSA can be the first step in ensuring your consideration for maximum funds. 

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