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Nursing Admission and Lottery Process Update

After several months of research and evaluation, it has been decided to proceed with the following revised Nursing Admission process.  The conclusions are based on achieving the goal of promoting student success, both academically and in the field as nurses. 

Outlined below is the basis for the upcoming admissions process.  A complete Nursing Information Packet will be available for download by April 21.

Lottery Overview

TCC uses a lottery to randomly select qualified students to fill its nursing cohorts.  All students who successfully apply to the nursing program will be awarded a base score. However, students may be awarded, or penalized, points for the items below.  The higher the student’s score, the greater the probability their name will be chosen.  Scoring, weighting, and selection are done by a sophisticated mathematical software program that randomly selects students for open program slots. 


Lottery Qualification and Weighting

All students will be awarded a score that is comprised of the following areas:

1.       Minimum requirements to qualify:  required to be eligible for the lottery

a.        Completion of the 6 prerequisites with a B (3.0) or higher

b.       Cumulative college level GPA of 2.5 or higher

c.        ATI TEAS exam score of 59% or greater  (information below)

d.       Submission of online nursing application and transcripts from outside institutions, by published deadline. Students must first register at TCC to access the online application and submit transcripts.

2.       Weighted Points: notrequired to qualify for the lottery

Additional weight will be added to the student’s lottery number for the following:

a.        Each B+ or higher grade in the biology prerequisites (BIOL& 241, 242, and 260)

b.       ATI TEAS score greater than 78%

c.        A license or certificate in healthcare involving direct patient care (ie: NAC, EMT, RC, etc.)

d.       Military service (past or present)

e.       TCC college-level credits – must be a minimum of 15

3.       Weighted Penalty Points

Points will be subtracted for retakes in any of the biology prerequisites.


Application Periods

For admittance:

Fall and Winter Qtrs (full-time)                         June 1 – July 1*

Spring Qtr (full and part-time)                           Dec 1 – Jan 1

LPN to RN L4 Summer Qtr (full-time)               March 1 – April 1

L3 LPN to RN or part-time LPN to RN classes will no longer be offered.

The next intake of LPN to RN students will be Summer 2015.


*Note:   It is understood that applicants applying during the June application period are submitting applications for both fall AND winter quarters. Students will have no choice to which quarter they are assigned should they be selected in the lottery drawing. Students drawn with “even” position numbers will be placed in the fall quarter cohort and “odd” position numbers will be used to fill winter quarter. Alternates will be called up based on the same process, even – fall, odd – winter. If a student is not able to start at the appointed quarter, they will need to reapply to the program at the next deadline.



Prerequisites courses remain the same, with one exception:

PSYC& 100 is no longer a prerequisite,  as it is a prerequisite for PSYC& 200.

PSYC& 200 is now a prerequisite with a “B” or higher, as well as these courses:

BIOL& 241

BIOL& 242

BIOL& 260

CHEM& 121

ENGL& 101 (OR 102)

A “B”/3.0 or higher must be achieved in two attempts. Unsuccessful attempts are forgiven after five years. Academic withdrawals count as attempts (as do I’s, WI’s, V’s and Z’s).


ATI TEAS Exam Information

Many students have already taken the TEAS exam, as it is a common requirement for nursing program application.  If you still need to take a TEAS V Exam, you will be able to do so here at TCC.

How to register for the TEAS V at Tacoma Community College:

1.        Go to, and create a personal account. 

2.        Account creation will require a username, password, contact information, etc.  You will also be asked to provide student information.  The only field required is the school.  Please select “Tacoma CC”

3.        After creating an account, log in, and select the “Online Store” to register for the TEAS.

4.        In the online store, select “TEAS” located in the left hand column under Register for…

5.        The next screen you will need to select the state and city, and then have the option to select a testing time and location.

6.        There is a testing fee of $70 required to finish registration. 

7.        After purchase, you will receive detailed instruction of where to go, the time of testing, and expectations of what to bring on the day of your assessment.  Be sure to fulfill these expectations, or you will not be able to test at your scheduled time.

TEAS V Study Preparation:

There are many resources available to prepare for the TEAS V.  The resources best oriented towards this assessment are also available through ATI and located in the online store (  These resources are produced and organized by the same developers of the TEAS V assessment.

Look under the TEAS V “Shop by”, and there are 6 different study solutions for TEAS V success.

The resource with the most value for preparation and TEAS V success is the “TEAS V Study Package” (   This package includes two TEAS V practice assessment that mirror the assessment, and also included the ATI TEAS V Study Manual for $99. 

Information Sessions

To facilitate answering your questions about this updated process or about the program in general, we have scheduled several Information sessions this spring.  No registration is required.  Prior to attending, print out the Program Information Packet from the website when it is published, and bring it with you, along with any questions you have.

April 24, Thursday3 pm196
April 29, Tuesday9 am1939
May 7*, Wednesday2 pm196
May 29, Thursday9 am196
June 4, Wednesday5 pm199

*Educational Planning Day

TCC's Nursing, Associate Degree program is approved by the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission and is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) formerly NLNAC, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, Georgia, 30326.

TCC offers a pre-nursing transfer degree for students who want to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at a four-year college or university. Click here for more information.

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