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Job & Career Training

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Building Career Training

Flagging and Traffic Control Certification
Upon successful completion of this one-day course, you will be certified and issued an ID card valid for three years in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Students must be 18 years of age or older. Pre-registration required. Fee includes textbook and ID card.
X201 Feb. 18 Sa Staff 8:30am-4:30pm $60
X202 Mar. 22 Sa Staff 8:30am-4:30pm $60
X200 Apr. 26 Sa Stevens 8:30am-4:30pm $60
X201 May 24 Sa Stevens 8:30am-4:30pm $60
X202 June 21 Sa Stevens 8:30am-4:30pm $60

Forklift Operator Certification
Learn the skills to maneuver a forklift and become safety certified. This is a state and OSHA course (TITLE 29 CFR 1910.178) and is appropriate for all skill levels. Must be 18 years or older. Upon successful completion, students will receive a three-year certification card. Fee includes handouts.
X204 Feb. 22 Sa Daugherty 8am-4pm $199
X205 Mar. 15 Sa Daugherty 8am-4pm $199
X203 Apr. 19 Sa Daugherty 8am-4pm $199
X204 May 24 Sa Daugherty 8am-4pm $199
X205 June 28 Sa Daugherty 8am-4pm $199

Business & Computers

Comp TIA A+ Certification Training [ONLINE]
The CompTIA™ A+ program will prepare you for two CompTIA™ A+ certification exams: A+ Essentials and A+ Practical Application. Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader are required.
X517 $1,695

Human Resources Professional
Master the skills needed to gain an entry-level position in the popular field of human resources. Prepare to take the PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification exam.
X466 $1,595

AutoCAD 2011 with AutoCAD 3D [ONLINE]
This program will give you the skills you need to prepare for the Autodesk AutoCAD 2011 Certified Associate exam. A perpetual student AutoCAD 2011 license is included in the cost of the program.
X533 $3,295

Microsoft Office 2010 Master Certification Training [ONLINE]
Learn basic to advanced skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook 2010 while you prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification. In order to take this program you will need Microsoft Office 2010: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, full retail version.
X547 $1,595

Web Design [ONLINE]
Learn professional applications for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash.
X523 $5,595


Nursing Assistant Certified   
Becoming a Nursing Assistant Certified is the perfect stepping-stone into a career as a nurse. Students need to be able to read, write and speak English well enough to communicate effectively (ESL Level 6 as determined by the CASAS assessment).

For schedule info go online to or stop by Bldg. 6 to pick up a packet. $900

Prerequisites: Students must provide proof of CPR certification for Health Care Providers, a 2-Step TB test, and pass a background check. Documentation is required no later than 3 p.m. on Apr. 10, 2014. Students must register in person at the Tacoma Campus in Bldg 6. Payment is due in full at time of registration.

Classes start Apr. 14, 2014.

Alcohol/Drug Information School -Training for Trainers (ADIS-TOT)
Approved course by Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse for individuals wanting to become certified as Alcohol/Drug Information School (ADIS) trainers. Fee includes facilitators manual. (14 clock hours or 1.4 CEUs)
X218 Feb. 15 & Feb. 22 Sa Towey 8:30am-4:30pm $199
X218 May 10 & May 17 Sa Towey 8:30am-4:30pm $199

HIV-AIDS Independent Study for Health Professionals
This seven-hour DVD kit prepares you to meet the AIDS education requirements mandated for health care professionals by Washington state. A certificate of completion will be issued after successfully completing the exam. Call 253.566.5020 to reserve your kit.
X230 Arranged W $60

Administrative Dental Assistant [ONLINE]
Learn about dental terminology and anatomy, medical records management, accounts receivable and reimbursement management, insurance and patient billing, patient scheduling, and procedural and diagnostic coding.
X500 $1,595

Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing and Coding [ONLINE]
Prerequisite: A basic understanding of Medical Terminology. Nationally recognized and most popular due to a demand in the field. This course will give you the skills you need to find the job you are looking for as an Administrative Medical Specialist (AMS), Medical Billing Specialist, and/or Medical Coder.
X501 $1,995

Medical Billing & Coding Career Certificate Program [ONLINE]
Prerequisite: A basic understanding of Medical Terminology. Show future employers that you are well trained in billing, medical codes, creating paper records, generating billing statements, researching and auditing claims, and more.
X503 $1,595

Medical Terminology [ONLINE]
This nationally recognized online course introduces elements of medical terminology, such as the etymology of words used to describe the human body.
X505 $595

Medical Transcriptionist Career Certificate Program [ONLINE]
Prerequisite: A basic understanding of Medical Terminology. Learn how to produce a wide variety of medical reports and documents, including discharge summaries; history and physical examination reports; operative, consultation, and autopsy reports; diagnostic imaging studies; progress notes; referral letters; and more.
X506 $1,595

ICD-10 Medical Coding [ONLINE]
This online program offers you comprehensive, robust training in diagnostic and procedural coding, using the ICD-10-CM (diagnostic) and ICD-10-PCS (procedural) coding manuals.
X534 $1595

Certified Personal Trainer [ONLINE]
This program blends the best of academic and hands-on training, offering: 15 hours of online theory in the comfort of your own home; 15 hours of practical "hands-on" training over a four-day period; and 30 hours of internship to give you real-world experience.
X536 $995

Test Prep

This course will prepare participants for both the SAT and ACT tests which are required by universities and colleges throughout the U.S. as part of their evaluation package.
X397 Classes start Jan. 15, Feb. 19, Mar. 19 $99
X397 Classes start Apr. 16, May 21, June 18 $99

NEW! GRE Preparation - Part I (Verbal and Analytical) [ONLINE]
Participants will learn question types on the verbal reasoning and analytical writing sections, including reading comprehension, text completion, sentence equivalence questions, and both essay tasks.
X 348 Classes start Jan. 15, Feb. 19, Mar. 19 $99
X 348 Classes start Apr. 16, May 21, June 18 $99

NEW! GRE Preparation - Part 2 (Quantitative) [ONLINE]
Math review and techniques for tackling the quantitative comparison, data interpretation, and standard math questions that make up the quantitative reasoning sections, as well as how to tackle the GRE's unique new question formats.
X349 Classes start Jan. 15, Feb. 19, Mar. 19 $99
X349 Classes start Apr. 16, May 21, June 18 $99

Basic CompTIA A+ Certification Prep [ONLINE]
This course teaches you about the hardware common to virtually every personal computer, including microprocessors, RAM, power supplies, motherboards, BIOS, CMOS, the expansion bus, and input/output devices.
X467 Feb. 11-Mar. 11 Tu Kehr 6:30-8:30p $99
X467 Classes start Apr. 16, May 21, June 18 $99

CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep [ONLINE]
Learn everything you need to know to select, install and service video, sound and portable computers. The course teaches networking, both wired and wireless, because every well-rounded tech needs to know it.
X489 Classes start Jan. 15, Feb. 19, Mar. 19 $99
X489 Classes start Apr. 16, May 21, June 18 $99

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