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HIM AAS Degree

Health Information Management
Associate in Applied Science Degree

(106 credits)

The HIM program provides a combination of medical knowledge and business applications and leads to an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree. TCC's program prepares students for employment in hospitals, ambulatory health care facilities, physician practices, skilled nursing facilities, and state or federal health agencies. Read more ...

This program is fully accredited (CAHIIM) and is completely ONLINE!

Successful graduates are eligible to write the national certification exam for Health Information Technicians sponsored by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Upon passing this exam, graduates will receive the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) credential from AHIMA, which are recognized nationally by health care institutions. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the AHIMA careers website and job map to view career opportunities and extensive resources available in the profession.

Degree completion and successfully obtaining the RHIT credential may provide the opportunity to enter a 2+2 Health Information Administration program at the university level and become eligible to sit for the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) credential from AHIMA. Students who wish to transfer to 4-year colleges and universities should work closely with their TCC advisor and contact their transfer institution to determine transfer requirements.

TCC's HIM program is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM). Skills students acquire in this program are outlined in the AHIMA Associate Degree Entry-Level Competencies for the profession (

Students must complete a certificate in either the Medical Reimbursement Specialist or Physician Practice Manager to progress into the Associate of Applied Sciences degree program.

This program is offered completely online.  For those new to online learning or are feeling unsure about your online expertise, we suggest taking the 2-credit TCC course OLL 101 (Online Learning 101). 

Prerequisite Requirements - All prerequisite courses must be completed before beginning HIM core courses. All of the pre-requisite courses must be completed with a C or better and within 2 attempts before HIM core courses can be started. There is a 10-year time limit for all math and science courses.

  1. English 101 (Composition or Business English)
  2. Business 110 (Business math)
  3. Biology 175 (this can be any human anatomy and physiology course that is 5 credits, comprehensive of all body systems - it can be with or without lab)
1st Quarter
CU 103Excel I3
HIM 105Medical Terminology5
HIM 125Record Content/Standards I5
2nd Quarter
HIM 141OP DX Coding2
HIM 160Pathology of Disease5
HIM 142OP Reimbursement4
HIM 216CPT Coding5
3rd Quarter  
CU 110Access I2
HIM 195Legal/Ethics3
Choose one elective either HIM 151 or 152 or 153
HIM 151Insurance/Claims Processing5
HIM 152Advanced Outpatient Coding5
HIM 152Office Management Procedures5
Choose one clinical based on elective above
HIM 185Billing Clinical3
HIM 186Coding Clinical3
HIM 187Physician Practice Management Clinical3
End of first year – will earn a one-year certificate either in Medical Reimbursement Specialist of Physician Practice Management
4th Quarter  
HIM 150Pharmacology2
HIM 225Record Content/Standards II5
HIM 215Information and Communication Technologies5
HIM 220Inpatient Coding5
5th Quarter
HIM 241Data Quality and Healthcare Stats5
HIM 245Advanced Coding4
HIM 210IP Reimbursement4
IT 230Project Management2
6th Quarter  
HIM 222Alternate Care Sites3
HIM 254HIM Capstone3
HIM 255Clinical3
Choose one elective below - *if student did not take HIM 153 in first year then MUST take as elective in second year
HIM 151Insurance claims processing5
HIM 152Advanced Outpatient Coding5
*HIM 153Physician Practice Management5


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