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High School Fall/Summer League

2013 High School Summer League



Monday, June 3  Wednesday, June 5 
4:00Vashon vs. Lincoln 4:00Franklin vs. Lincoln 
5:00Capital vs. River Ridge 5:00Vashon vs. Clover Park 
6:00Gig Harbor vs. River Ridge 6:00Franklin vs. Peninsula 
7:00Curtis vs. Capital 7:00Gig Harbor vs. Timberline 
8:00Clover Park vs. Peninsula 8:00Curtis vs. Timberline 
Monday, June 10 Wednesday, June 12 
4:00Vashon vs. Capital 4:00Franklin vs. Timberline 
5:00Lincoln vs. River Ridge 5:00Timberline vs. Vashon 
6:00Capital vs. Clover Park 6:00Gig Harbor vs Peninsula 
7:00River Ridge vs. Peninsula 7:00Franklin vs. Clover Park 
8:00Gig Harbor vs. Curtis 8:00Curtis vs. Lincoln 
Monday, June 17 Wednesday, June 19 
4:00Lincoln vs. Peninsula 4:00Timberline vs Peninsula 
5:00Capital vs. Clover Park 5:00Franklin vs. Vashon 
6:00Vashon vs. River Ridge 6:00Gig Harbor vs. Lincoln 
7:00Capital vs. Gig Harbor 7:00Timberline vs. Clover PK 
8:00River Ridge vs. Curtis 8:00Franklin vs. Curtis 
Monday, June 24 June 26-27 
4:00Franklin vs. River Ridge Summer League Tournament 
5:00Vashon vs. Peninsula    
6:00Bethel vs. Lincoln    
7:00Capital vs. Timberline    
8:00Clover Park vs. Curtis    


Tuesday, June 4  Thursday, June 6 
4:00Foss vs. Steilacoom 4:00Olympic vs. Steilacoom 
5:00S. Kitsap vs. Spanaway Lk. 5:00Bethel vs. Spanaway Lk. 
6:00Emerald Ridge vs. Lakes 6:00Olympic vs. Life Christian 
7:00Life Christian vs. Stadium 7:00Bethel vs. Lakes 
8:00Emerald Ridge vs. S. Kitsap 8:00Foss vs. Stadium 
Tuesday, June 11 Thursday, June 13 
4:00S. Kitsap vs. Life Christian 4:00Foss vs. Bethel 
5:00S. Kitsap vs. Stadium 5:00Olympic vs. Stadium 
6:00Emerald Ridge vs. Steilacoom 6:00Lakes vs. Life Christian 
7:00Lakes vs. Spanaway Lk. 7:00Olympic vs. Bethel 
8:00Emerald Ridge vs. Foss 8:00Spanaway Lk. vs. Steilacooom 
Tuesday, June 18 Thursday, June 20 
4:00Lincoln vs. Foss 4:00Foss vs. Olympic 
5:00Life Christian vs. Steilacoom 5:00Bethel vs. Spanway Lk. 
6:00Olympic vs. Emerald Ridge 6:00Olympic vs. Lakes 
7:00Lakes vs. Stadium 7:00Bethel vs. Life Christian 
8:00Emerald Ridge vs. Spanway Lk 8:00Steilacoom vs. Stadium 
Tuesday, June 25 June 26-27 
4:00Foss vs. Spanaway Lk. Summer League Tournament 
5:00S. Kitsap vs. Steilacoom    
6:00Emerald Ridge vs. Stadium    
7:00Lakes vs. S. Kitsap    
8:00Emerald Ridge vs. Life Christian    
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