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Schedule and Results

DayDateOpponentLocationTimeScoreRecordLeague Record
SatMar 01Green RiverTacoma, WA (Curtis HS)10:00 AMW 5-11-00-0
SatMar 01Green RiverTacoma, WA (Curtis HS)12:00 PMW 13-12-00-0
SatMar 08Blue MountainPendleton, OR11:00 AMW 15-03-00-0
SatMar 08Blue MountainPendleton, OR2:00 PMW 22-14-00-0
SunMar 09Walla WallaWalla Walla, WA11:00 AMW 4-15-00-0
SunMar 09Walla WallaWalla Walla, WA2:00 PML 1-95-10-0
SatMar 15ShorelineBellevue, WA (Bannerwood)12:00 PMW 3-26-10-0
SatMar 15ShorelineBellevue, WA (Bannerwood)3:00 PMW 5-07-10-0
TCC/PC Spring Invite
SatMar 22EverettTacoma, WA10:00 AMW 6-28-10-0
SatMar 22Mt HoodTacoma, WA4:00 PMW 6-39-10-0
SunMar 23SpokaneTacoma, WA10:00 AMW 10-210-10-0
SunMar 23BellevueTacoma, WA4:00 PMW 5-311-10-0
WedMar 26Skagit Valley Tacoma, WA1:00 PMW 6-212-10-0
WedMar 26Skagit Valley Tacoma, WA4:00 PMW 7-513-10-0
SunMar 30Green River*Puyallup, WA12:00 PMW 4-214-11-0
MonMar 31Pierce*Tacoma, WA3:00 PMW 5-015-12-0
SatApr 05Green River*Tacoma, WA1:00 PMW 12-016-13-0
SatApr 05Green River*Tacoma, WA3:00 PMW 11-617-14-0
SunApr 06Green River*Puyallup, WA1:00 PMW 20-218-15-0
SunApr 06Green River*Puyallup, WA3:00 PMW 5-019-16-0
WedApr 09Concordia JVTacoma, WA2:00 PMW 10-020-16-0
WedApr 09Concordia JVTacoma, WA5:00 PMW 7-021-16-0
SatApr 12Grays Harbor*Tacoma, WA1:00 PMW 12-022-17-0
SatApr 12Grays Harbor*Tacoma, WA3:00 PMW 3-023-18-0
SunApr 13Grays Harbor*Aberdeen, WA1:00 PMW 12-024-19-0
SunApr 13Grays Harbor*Aberdeen, WA3:00 PMW 9-025-110-0
FriApr 18Centralia*Tacoma, WA4:00 PMW 15-826-111-0
TueApr 22Grays Harbor*Tacoma, WA2:00 PMW 11-127-112-0
ThuApr 24Lower Columbia*Longview, WA4:00 PMW 6-428-113-0
SatApr 26Centralia*Centralia, WA1:00 PMW 7-029-114-0
SatApr 26Centralia*Centralia, WA3:00 PMW 6-030-115-0
SunApr 27Centralia*Tacoma, WA1:00 PMW 5-231-116-0
SunApr 27Centralia*Tacoma, WA3:00 PMW 2-132-117-0
SatMay 03Lower Columbia*Tacoma, WA11:00 AML 3-632-217-1
MonMay 05Lower Columbia*Longview, WA4:00 PMW 6-433-218-1
MonMay 05Lower Columbia*Longview, WA6:00 PMW 4-334-219-1
TueMay 06Lower Columbia*Tacoma, WA4:00 PML 4-1134-319-2
SatMay 10Pierce*Lakewood, WA1:00 PML 2-834-419-3
SatMay 10Pierce*Lakewood, WA3:00 PML 4-634-519-4
SunMay 11Pierce*Tacoma, WA1:00 PMW 3-135-520-4
SunMay 11Pierce*Tacoma, WA3:00 PML 3-1135-620-5
Western Region Playoffs
SatMay 17Lower ColumbiaTacoma, WA12:00 PMW 6-436-620-5
SatMay 17Lower ColumbiaTacoma, WA3:00 PMW 8-237-620-5
SunMay 18Lower ColumbiaTacoma, WA1:00 PM   
NWAACC Championships
ThuMay 22Treasure Valley Longview, WA12:35 PML 2-437-720-5
FriMay 23ClarkLongview , WA9:35 AMW 8-538-720-5
SatMay 24PierceLongview, WA2:05 PMW 4-239-720-5
SunMay 25EdmondsLongview, WA2:05 PML 2-339-820-5
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