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Enrollment Process and Rates

ELC play yardWe maintain a Waiting List for placement in our program when spaces become available. We take the following into consideration when enrolling a child:

  • There is a spot in the age-appropriate classroom for your child
  • You already have a child in our program (sibling)
  • You are a student at TCC
  • You are a faculty or staff member at TCC
  • Submission date of your Waiting List Form

How to Apply

Annual IncomeAnnual IncomeAnnual IncomeAnnual IncomeAnnual Income
2$16,020 (or less)$16,021-$17,622$17,623-$20,826$20,827-$29,637$29,638 (or more)
3$20,160 (or less)$20,161-$22,176$22,177-$26,208$26,209-$37,296$37,297 (or more)
4$24,300 (or less)$24,301-$26,730$26,731-$31,590$31,591-$44,955$44,956 (or more)
5$28,440 (or less)$28,441-$31,284$31,285-$36,972$36,973-$52,614$52,615 (or more)
6$32,580 (or less)$32,581-$35,838$35,839-$42,354$42,355-$60,273$60,274 (or more)
 Eligible for EHS/ECEAPIneligible for EHS/ECEAP
  1. Complete the Waiting List Form. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  2. Submit the Waiting List Form to the ELC via email to Angela Wheeler or drop it off at the front desk of building 3.
  3. (Looking at the chart above, if your family income falls within the first two columns, also complete the Early Head Start and the Early Childhood Education Assistance Program Application and deliver via email to Angela Wheeler or drop it off at the front desk of building 3.)
  4. Wait to be contacted by the ELC at the email you provided on the Waiting List Form. Feel free to email Angela Wheeler to check your status on the Waiting List.
  5. IF there is a space available for your child, the ELC will send an Enrollment Application to you via email.

If your email or phone number changes, or you no longer want to remain on the Waiting List, you must notify the ELC.

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