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Students are encouraged to review the official Tuition Rate information posted by Tacoma Community College. The following table reflects approximate tuition rates for a full-time resident student.

There are 7 quarters of Respiratory Therapy courses. These numbers are an estimation; real tuition rates may vary and are subject to change by Washington State Legislature.

1st Quarter - 18 credits$1,462.20
2nd Quarter - 14 credits$1,258.60
3rd Quarter - 15 credits$1,309.50
4th Quarter - 16 credits$1,360.40
5th Quarter - 14 credits$1,258.60
6th Quarter - 15 credits$1,309.50
7th Quarter - 16 credits$1,360.40
Approximate TOTAL$9,319.20

Additional fees added at the time of registration include:

Facility Fee - $.50 per credit to 15 credits, maximum rate $7.50; Technology Fee - $1.75 per credit to 10 credits, maximum rate $17.50; Safety Fee - $15.00 per student; Course Fees - as displayed in class schedule for individual classes.

Approximate Miscellaneous Costs

Course, Lab and Clinical Fees$250
Uniform (Scrubs) per set$50
Name Tag$6
Watch with Second HandVariable
Health InsuranceVariable
Conference fees (Vary by Location)$250
Verified Credentials Background Check and Health Clearance Tracking$125

Graduation and National Board Examination Fees

Therapist Multiple Choice Exam$190
Clinical Simulation Exam$200
State License Fee$210
Graduation Regalia (Optional)$25

*Tuition costs are up to date as of Fall 2015

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