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EMT Costs

Tuition rates, fees and textbook prices are all subject to change.
These calculations are current as of Fall 2011 for resident status. Please refer to the Tuition table for other rates.

 EMC 110EMC 112
 10 credits4 credits
Course and Campus Fees$878.02$443.36
Textbook with Workbook$188.65$188.65
Parking Permit$15.00$15.00
Name Tag$17.00$17.00
Final Exam Fee$45.00$45.00
Drug Testing$26.00$26.00
Total Costs (approximate)$1170.57$735.01

Due to variations in books, disposables, and other associated costs, prices are subject to change without notice.

  • The Textbook with workbook is purchased before the quarter starts.
  • The Parking Permit is purchased in Bldg. 14, Cashiers office and picked up in Bldg. 14, Security office
  • The Name Tag is purchased during the 1st week of the quarter
  • The Final Exam fee is paid for at the end of the quarter (don’t pay for this final exam fee until the end of the quarter)
  • Drug Testing: Clinical agencies have to maintain a drug free workplace that promotes a safe and healthy work environment and is in compliance with applicable laws. Based on this therefore, some clinical sites required all students in their facilities complete a drug screen. Additional fees maybe incurred by the student.

You will receive information and a form to order your name tag during the first week of class. Name tags are to be picked up at the bookstore. Any name tag not picked up will remain in the bookstore for 2 quarters. If your name tag has not been picked up after 2 quarters it will be destroyed. 

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