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Certificate Courses

American Ethnic and Gender Studies (AEGS) consists of a number of courses from a variety of academic disciplines, leading to a certificate.

Students who enroll in the certificate program and who complete (with a grade of C or above) 20 credits of course work in AEGS will receive the certificate and a special notation on the transcript."

For more information, contact Dr. Andrew Cho Bldg. F1, Room 64, 253.566.5355

Courses That Apply Toward AEGS Certificate

These courses are regularly offered at least once a year:

  • Anthropology 210, Indians of North America
  • CMST 110, Multicultural Communication
  • Education 220, Diversity in Education
  • History 219, Native American History
  • History 240, Religion in America and the Modern World
  • Humanities 120, The American Multicultural Arts Experience
  • Psychology 180, Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • Sociology 120, Women’s Studies
  • Sociology 262, Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Sociology 205, Sociology of African Americans
  • Sociology 265, Sociology of Asian Americans
  • Sociology 222, Sociology of Sport
  • Sociology 238, Sociology of Latino Americans
  • Sociology 255, Sociology of the Military
  • Sociology 271, Sociology of Deviance and Social Control

Other AEGS courses are offered only occasionally, depending on faculty availability.
These include the following:

  • Anthropology 220, Ethnographies of American Cultures
  • English 280, Literatures of Diversity*
  • History 220, African-American History
  • Humanities 260 Themes or Topics in Humanities*

* counts toward AEGS only when the topic focuses on American ethnic/gender themes

Note: Please pay attention to the title of the course; some course numbers (such as English 280, Humanities 260, and Political Science 231) may cover different themes, and some of these may not be AEGS-related. Only the titles above count as AEGS courses at this time. This list will be updated regularly, as new courses are added or as occasional courses can be offered more regularly. 

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