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Academic Calendar


Fall 2016

August 22  (Monday)Fall Quarter books available online and in-store
September 1  (Thursday)Fall Quarter tuition due
September 19  (Monday)Fall Quarter classes begin
September 21  (Wednesday)Last day to register without instructor signature  (See note below)
September 21  (Wednesday)Last day to access web registration for Fall classes
September 23  (Friday)Last day for 100% refund  (See note below)
September 30  (Friday)Last day to add credit classes (Instructor signature required)  (See note below)
Last day to drop a class with no grade reported (No instructor signature required)  (See note below)
October 7  (Friday)Last day for 40% refund  (See note below)
October 7  (Friday)Last day to choose “S/U” option  (See note below)
October 18  (Tuesday)Last day to change audit status  (See note below)
October 18  (Tuesday)Educational Planning Day—No daytime classes--Classes starting at 3:00 or after will meet
October 31  (Monday)Winter quarter registration begins for currently enrolled students
November 7  (Monday)Winter Quarter open enrollment begins
November 11  (Friday)Veterans Day observed—NO CLASSES—COLLEGE CLOSED
November 14  (Monday)Last day to withdraw with a grade of “W” (Instructor signature required) (See note below)
November 23-25Thanksgiving Break—NO CLASSES
Offices open November 23—NO CLASSES
December 2  (Friday)Last day of Fall Quarter classes
December 5-8Fall Quarter final exams
December 7-9Fall Quarter book buy-back
December 8  (Thursday)Fall Quarter degree applications due
December 13  (Tuesday)Grades available on web
January 3  (Tuesday)Winter Quarter classes begin

(Note:  Early/late starting and short courses have pro-rated deadlines.  Check with the Enrollment Services office for details.)

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