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Writing & Tutoring Center

photo of learning centerImprove Your Learning & Skills and Improve Your College Success

The Writing & Tutoring Center at TCC is dedicated to your success.

We are here to support your academic success by providing you with tutoring services that supplement your classroom instruction and lead you into a lifetime of successful learning.

We tutor students in all subjects from all disciplines.

What does a Writing & Tutoring Center Tutor Do?

  • Create and maintain a respectful, supportive and constructive learning environment
  • Ask you questions about the project or academic subject you are working on to clarify the instructor's assignment
  • Provide you with feedback on your work, as well as strategies for improving your understanding, study techniques, and writing skills
  • Help you focus on the most important aspects of your writing assignments (such as purpose, thesis, organization, support, etc.), as well as help you identify grammatical errors
  • Admit when we don't have the answers, but work hard to help you find them
  • Help you find the best tutor for your needs

Writing & Tutoring Center Services

Schedule an appointment or visit us in person to see how our tutors can help you improve your writing in any subject.

  • Scheduled, one-on-one sessions: These are appointments you can make up to one week in advance with the tutor of your choice (on a first come, first scheduled basis).
  • Group Tutoring: For team projects or several students from the same class.
  • Drop-in Tutoring: We offer drop-in tutoring in English, ESL, writing and math.
  • Online Tutoring: TCC is a member of the Northwest eTutoring Consortium. Find online help with coursework and find links to Internet resources to assist you in finding your own answers.
  • Grammar Corner: The tutors will assist you with a variety of grammar issues. Come with questions about specific kinds of errors or with more general concerns.
  • Computers: Use 1 of our 20 student computers to draft papers and do research, as well as to have computer-assisted tutorials with our tutors.

From the Tutor's Credo:

"We are patient and supportive. We understand that learning can be a struggle. We acknowledge that our role is to create an un-intimidating, safe environment where learning is a positive experience. We Value Learning: Our purpose is to help students feel encouraged about learning. We are ALL here to learn with each other."


Our schedule varies slightly each quarter, so our hours are posted on our student portal and on Facebook as well as being posted around campus.

The Writing & Tutoring Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Learning Resource Center, Bldg. 7, Room 221. 253.566.6032

Writing & Tutoring Center Staff Directory


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