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Assess Your Skills

accuplacer imageWe evaluate where you are
now in your educational and professional journey by ....

  • Placement Testing
  • Transcript Review
  • Multiple Measures

and help you decide the best way to start working toward your goals.

GED Scores from 2014 series are available to testers via their online portal at GED Scores prior to 2014 are available through the website GED Testing is proctored by TCC Certification & Testing Center - Building 6

Before using one or more of these processes to assess your skills consider attending an Admissions Info Session to have all your college admissions questions answered.

Placement Testing - ACCUPLACER™

All new students who plan to take a math or English class at TCC must take the ACCUPLACER™ assessment test by writing an essay, and doing a multiple choice test for reading and math. Based on your test results, your advisor will help you see which classes are available to you, and select the right class for your chosen area of study. Check in advance for dates and times you can take the test. Gig Harbor Campus: Please call 253.460.2424 for current schedule.

If you have taken a placement test (COMPASS or ACCUPLACER) at another college in the last two years we can use that for placement.

Transcript Review

Transcript review is for transfer students who have credit for classes taken at another college.
Unofficial transcripts can be used for placement. Follow these steps to have your transcript reviewed:

1. Prepare your transcript for TCC review.

  • Make sure you're admitted to TCC
  • Your name and the college name must be clearly noted on every page
  • Your TCC student ID number must be noted on every page

2. Send your prepared transcript to TCC. You can either email it or bring it in person.

  • Email to Assessment
    • Please include your transcript as an attachment
  • Bring it to Assessment Services, Bldg. 7, Tacoma campus

3. You'll be notified of class placement within 72 hours via ctcLink in the Student Portal.

Other Information

  • For specific class selections, please see an advisor.
  • This process places you into classes, you cannot earn credit unless you present an official transript to Enrollment Services. To get credit for classes, order official transcripts from your former college(s) and have them sent to TCC (Bldg. 7, Enrollment Services, 6501 S. 19th St., Tacoma, WA 98466). Allow 3 months to process.

Multiple Measures

TCC also evaluates by multiple measures. Contact Assessment Services if you have:

  • SAT scores (2 years old or less): TCC will accept SAT scores for placement purposes of college-level English and math. Students will need a Reading score of 470 or higher for ENGL 101 and a score of 550 or above for MATH 107, 146, 147, 131, 132, 93/136 and 96/140. SAT scores will be good for 2 years after graduation from high school. ACT Scores (2 or less years) 19 for English 101 - No MATH equivalent at this time.
  • Math Classes from Tacoma, Peninsula or University Place School Districts (within 1 year of graduation): Graduates have an opportunity to articulate through math based on classes and grades at the high school level. High School transcript to be evaluated with ACCUPLACER scores.
  • Smarter Balance Scores; AP; IB scores


Assessment Services Office
Location: Bldg. 7
Hours: 8am - 6pm Mon - Thursday, 9am - 5pm Friday (closed on Fridays through Sept. 9)
Phone: 253.566.5093 (office) or 253.566.5158 (testing dates and times) or email

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