Campus Life

The classroom isn’t the only place for learning at TCC. The entire community is a learning space. With top-notch athletic teams, clubs, speakers, and culture galore, you’ll find many opportunities to expand your horizons

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Live it up!

TCC is a special place filled with fun, culture and plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. Step up to a leadership position or experience things that broaden your view of the world. It’s all up to you.

Take a Step & Enjoy the Journey

We know you're looking for something more from your college experience... yes, you want excellent academics and opportunities to improve your education and long-term career goals. But you also want classmates who share your interests and passions. You want the chance to try new things or to continue the sport or activity you already love. We hear you!

Get Started!

Life at TCC is in constant forward motion! Our diverse student body is varied in age, gender, and culture, but they all have one important thing in common: Students at TCC are going places, and they want to enjoy the journey!

Get Involved!

There are so many opportunities to get involved at TCC, because we believe that extracurricular activities enrich your education and long-term career goals.
What will you do at TCC?

Student Government
Be a leader and take part in important decisions about campus policies and procedures.

Clubs & Organizations
Find classmates who share your interests or try a new adventure.

Visual and Musical Arts at TCC
Take advantage of beautiful art on rotating display at The Gallery or enjoy our popular concert series.

Literary Publications
Read and contribute to Trillium, the student and staff literary magazine and Una Voce, where we showcase the excellent work our students produce in every discipline.

Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. Join the teams, follow the scores, and cheer our Titans on to victory!

2011 Student Body President Martin Fimbres

TCC has changed my life.  I just want to do so much more with my life. It was worth everything. Leaving home in 2004 and being here by myself, it’s been worth it.

-- 2011 Student Body President Martin Fimbres