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Safe Zone

We started the Safe Zone Initiative to identify, train, and support advocates of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Intersex, Transgender and Questioning) community on TCC's campuses.

Taking Steps Together

Being an advocate for LGBTQ people at TCC requires having a support system, knowledge about the issues and a deep respect for diversity. With the Safe Zone initiative, TCC has become a place where we can have conversations, answer questions and provide resources for LGBTQ people and their allies.

TCC's Safe Zone Initiative works to:

  • Uphold TCC's responsibility to create a safe climate for all students
  • Help students to identify allies on campus
  • Make issues around sexual identity visible and positive
  • Provide resources and support for allies and advocates
  • Provide strong role models for mentoring and supporting LGBTQ community members
  • Create a stronger sense of community through greater understanding of LGBTQ culture

TCC Allies & Advocates

Sometimes you need more than understanding. Dozens of TCC staff have completed Safe Zone training, and have committed themselves to be your Allies & Advocates. Contact anyone on this list to talk about sexual and/or gender identity issues.

Adams, Melissa LibrarianLibrary253.566.5204
Albright, Gavan InstructorBiology253.460.4372
Avery, Carol Instructor/Dept. ChairMathematics253.460.4429
Bayer, Beth InstructorSocial Sciences: PSYCHOLOGY253.460.4399
Betz, Christopher Office Assistant 3Art, Humanities & Social Sciences253.566.5280
Brewer, Charles InstructorSocial Sciences: PSYCHOLOGY253.460.4418
Broback, Hanna TutorWriting/Tutoring Services 
Brown, Kathy Department Chair/Program Coordinator SPRUCE/CounselorCounseling, Advising, Access & Career Services253.566.5061
Celentano, Tina Educational PlannerRunning Start253.460.4334
Cerny, Christine InstructorHealth, Business & Professional Services253.460.4399
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