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Transfer of Credits

Tacoma Community College’s credit courses fall into three general categories:

  • College Transfer
  • Career Training
  • Transitional Studies

Courses that fulfill requirements for university transfer degrees are generally transferable to four-year colleges and universities (baccalaureate institutions). General education courses that are taken to meet requirements for career training degrees are transferable. Courses that are specific to career training programs are not transferable to four-year institutions unless a specific articulation agreement, providing for acceptance of those courses, exists between TCC and the four-year institution. Courses included in TCC’s Transitional Studies program numbered below 100, are not considered college-level and do not transfer.

Each baccalaureate institution maintains its own policies on acceptance of credits for transfer. While TCC advisors make a good faith effort to assist students with the transferability of courses, TCC is not responsible for acceptance of credits and courses at other institutions.

General acceptance of transfer credits is not the same as direct course equivalency. Baccalaureate institutions may accept credits for transfer but not consider them directly equivalent to their own courses or count them as meeting specific requirements at their institutions.