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Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade

Some classes, due to their nature and content, are designated ‘S/U’ by departmental decision and are graded on an ‘S/U’ basis. In other classes, students have the option of choosing an ‘S/U’ grade. An ‘S’ grade indicates student performance at a ‘C’ grade level or higher. A ‘U’ grade indicates performance below a ‘C’ level. Neither the ‘S’ or ‘U’ are used in computing grade point averages. In order to exercise the ‘S/U’ option, students:

  • Must choose the ‘S/U’ grade option in writing at Enrollment Services, Bldg. 7, by the 15th instructional day of the quarter.
  • Must understand that once the choice for the ‘S/U’ grade has been made, it will not be changed to the regular letter grade option. Students should be aware that courses with ‘S’ grades may not satisfy transfer requirements. Some universities do not accept ‘S’ graded courses to satisfy distribution requirements. Students are urged to confer with their advisors and consult catalogs of their transfer institutions.