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Option B Degree

This TCC degree option is awarded in fields of study for which the transfer requirements of a four-year college or university differ significantly from TCC’s Option A requirements and no major related degree exists.

Option B degrees are designed to transfer only to specific programs within specific four-year colleges or universities. Students who are uncertain where they will transfer or which program/major they will pursue should consult with their advisors. Such students may be better served by pursuing Associate in Arts and Sciences Option A degrees or other major-related transfer degrees.

Students who know to which programs and institutions they plan to transfer and are interested in Option B degrees, should consult with advisors at their intended transfer institutions regarding program requirements. They should also be assigned to a designated TCC Option B faculty advisor for their specific major-related areas, preferably by the end of their first TCC year.

Two quarters before TCC graduation, Option B students should complete the Option B application forms, available from the Enrollment Services credentials evaluator, Bldg. 7. The Option B applications must be signed by student’s Option B advisors and include copies of the requirements or recommendations published by the four-year institutions or written recommendations by an undergraduate departmental advisor of the four-year institutions. Students’ Option B advisors can assist with these forms.

While Option B advisors provide assistance, students pursuing Option B degrees are responsible for securing adequate assurances from their four-year institutions that their Option B programs will be accepted by the transfer institution.