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NURS 122 Nursing II: Caring for the Client with Minor Deviations from Wellness/Maternal Newborn - Clinical (5)

This course provides learning experiences with clients with episodic and/or minor deviations from wellness in the long term care setting in addition to the care of the maternal new born clients in the acute care setting. Growth and development of these clients will be expanded. Concepts related to the nursing care of the surgical client, and the clients with orthopedic conditions are discussed. The principles of the nursing process, growth and development, nutrition, cultural sensitivity, pharmacology, health teaching, caring and communication are integrated throughout.

Prerequisite: NURS 111, NURS 112, NURS 113 & NURS 141; NURS 151 with a minimum grade of C and NURS 121 (may be taken concurrently).