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Before enrolling in their first math course at TCC, students must take a mathematics placement test unless they have taken a college-level mathematics class within the last two years. TCC offers both college transfer and pre-college-level courses. For students who graduated within the past year from either Tacoma or Peninsula high schools, there is an alternate placement for mathematics based upon recent high school math work. Courses numbered below 100 cannot be applied toward degree or certificate requirements. See Advising for details.

Students considering a major in mathematics, engineering, science or computer science will normally complete MATH 115, 116, 124, 125, 126, 220, 224, and 238. Business and economics majors should complete MATH 111 and 112. The use of computer applications, including spreadsheets, is included in MATH 108, 111, and 112. For these classes, CU 103 and CU 203 are recommended as prerequisites if a student does not have spreadsheet experience.