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Human Development 101 Requirement for New Students

Students who assess at the developmental level in English are required to enroll in Human Development 101 (HD 101) during their first TCC quarter. The HD 101 Student Success Seminar is recommended for all students.

HD courses help students explore college resources, set goals, make educational and career decisions, develop individual potential, improve interpersonal communication skills, learn decision-making skills, and learn how to build positive relationships. The courses are offered quarterly. Details are available in the catalog course descriptions and at the Counseling and Advising Center, Bldg. 7.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of Human Development (HD) courses, students will:

  • Determine/identify their own capabilities, interests, and values.
  • Design their own educational, personal, social, or career action plan.
  • Explain how their own personal responsibility determines their success as a college student.
  • Locate, use, and evaluate information technology and other college resources.
  • Participate in the college community.
  • Contribute to team projects.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of college culture.