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HT 110 Fundamentals of Patient Care (5)

This course will present the theoretical basics of bedside patient care under the guidelines of the federal and state requirements and will also consist of supervised practice of patient care skills. This course will focus on how to perform tasks under the supervision of nursing and/or medical staff such as helping patients eat, dress, and bathe; provide skin care to patients; take vital signs, i.e., temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, pulse oximetry and blood pressure; and help patients get in and out of bed and walk. Participants who successfully complete this course, and the 3-credit clinical course will meet the criteria to sit for the state board certification exam.

Prerequisite: CPR for Health Care Worker and ENGL/ 095 or assessment at college-level reading and writing. If working toward NAC certification, students will need to take HT 120, Fundamentals of Patient Care Clinical (requires entry code).