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HIM 210 HIM Revenue Cycle (5)

HIM students will be given the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills that are necessary in health care reimbursement to create and analyze examples of various payment methodologies utilized in healthcare in the United States. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of coding and compliance and its impact on healthcare reimbursement and the revenue cycle process. In addition, students will learn about the importance of linking quality to reimbursement and how third party payers are implementing various value based purchasing plans and pay for performance criteria in healthcare. Students will practice calculating various payment methodologies frequently used in various healthcare settings.

Prerequisite: BUS 110 with a minimum grade of C, CU 103 with a minimum grade of C, HIM 145 with a minimum grade of C, HIM 216 with a minimum grade of C and HIM 220 with a minimum of grade of C.