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Exempt Staff

Iyad A. Al-Aqrabawi

Developer, Information Systems

B.S., University of Washington-Tacoma

Steve Ashpole

Director, Enrollment Services & Registrar

B.A., University of Washington

Silvia Barajas

Vice President, Administrative Services

B.A., University of California, Irvine; M.P.A., University of Washington

Emily R. Barnett

Project Manager, Invista Performance Solutions

B.A., M.A.T., University of Puget Sound

Mary Bassett

Enrollment Coordinator, Washington Corrections Center for Women

Igor Beschieru

Media Production Specialist, eLearning & Media Services

B.D., College of Theology & Pedagogy in Moldova

Asha Bhaga

Administrative Operations Coordinator, TCC Foundation

B.S., Liberty University

Catherine A. Bitz

Special Assistant to the President, Special Assistant to the Director of Development & TCC Foundation

Beth Brooks, J.D., SPHR

Human Resources Director

B.A., St. Olap College; J.D., University of Puget Sound

Mary Ann Brummond

Director, Financial Services

B.A., Washington State University

Kelley D. Cadman

Program Director, Institutional Research

B.A., Western State College; M.S., University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Rebecca E. Callahan

Coordinator and Retention & Tutoring Specialist, Nursing

Tina Celentano

Educational Planner, Running Start

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; B.A., University of Puget Sound

Mary Chikwinya

Vice President for Student Services

B.A., M.A., Slippery Rock State University

Judy A. Colarusso

Executive Assistant, President’s Office

B.B.A., Gonzaga University

Charles Crawford, Ph.D.

Dean for Academic Services

B.A., M.L.S., University of Washington; Ph.D., Oregon State University

D. Gray Crawford

Educational Planner, Fresh Start

B.A., Wake Forest University, M.I.T., The Evergreen State College

Andrew Duckworth

Project Director, ctcLink

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; B.A., University of Washington, Seattle

Lisa S. Edwards, Ed.D.

Global Solutions Officer, Invista Performance Solutions

B.A., Western Washington University; M.Ed., University of Puget Sound; Ed.D., University of Washington

David Endicott, Ph.D.

Dean for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

B.A., Western Illinois University; M.A., Southern Illinois University; Ph.D., Ball State University

Carol Evenhuis

Director, Correctional Education

B.S., South Dakota State University; M.Ed., University of Washington-Tacoma

Carroll Ferguson, CAP-OM

Coordinator-Administrative Operations, Workforce Programs

Lynn A. Fister

Senior Project Manager, Invista Performance Solutions

B.S., Washington State University

Mike Flodin

Dean for Math, Science & Engineering

B.A., Pacific Lutheran University; M.S., University of Washington

Lyubov A. Fonaryuk

Info/Data Specialist, Assessment & Adult Basic Education

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College

Leanne L. Foster

Asst. Director of HR Operations

B.S., San Francisco State University; M.S. Chapman University; C.P.A., State of Washington

Krista K. Fox

Dean, Health, Business & Professional Services

B.A., M.P.A., University of Washington

Joanne H. Gillam

Coordinator, Washington Corrections Center for Women

B.A.Ed., M.Ed., Western Washington University

Paul G. Goetzinger

Assistant Director, Center for Academic Support and Achievement

A.A., Highline Community College; B.A., University of Puget Sound; M.A., University of Idaho

Elizabeth Golen-Johnson

Curriculum Developer/Instructional Designer, Early Childhood Special Education

B.A., Northern Illinois University; M.A., National-Louis University

Mikhail Goncharuk

Coordinator, Conference Services, Student Life

Melody A. Griggs

Student Services and Fresh Start Coordinator, Gig Harbor Campus

B.A., M.A., Seattle University

Shema Hanebutte

Dean, Counseling & Advising, Worker Retraining and Career Services

B.A., University of Illinois at Chicago; M.S.Ed., California State College, East Bay

Mark D. Harader

Coordinator, Floriculture Program, Washington Corrections Center for Women

DeAndrea R. Harris

Educational Planner, Running Start

A.A.S., Pierce College; B.A., University of Washington

Ruth M. Harris

Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Theresa W. Harris

Academic Advisor, Counseling & Advising Center

B.A., Western Washington University

Dolores Haugen

Director, K-12 Partnerships and Student Conduct

B.A., University of Puget Sound, M.A., University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Kathryn S. Held

Coordinator, Assessment & Access Services

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; B.A., University of Washington-Tacoma

Erin Hoiland, Ed.D.

Grants Manager

B.S., M.B.A., Pacific Lutheran University; Ed.D., Seattle University

Elizabeth Hyun

Capital Projects Manager

B.A., Lehigh University

Victoria N. Ichungwa

Research Associate, Institutional Research

B.B.A., M.B.A., Grand Valley State University

Rebecca J. Jayasundara

Career Pathway Coordinator, Adult Basic Skills

B.A., Central Washington University

Shawn Jennison

Director, Marketing, Communications and Social Media Development

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; B.A. Pacific Lutheran University

E. Lee Jewett

Educational Planner, WorkFirst

B.A., Western Washington University

Laura H. Koval

Retention Specialist, International Student Services & Programs

A.A., Whatcom Community College; B.A., The Evergreen State College; M.Ed., Grand Canyon University

Sam Loftin, J.D.

Academic Advisor, Advising Center

B.A., Louisiana State University; J.D., University of Tennessee; M.A., M.Ed., Oregon State University

Jon M. Maes

Assistant Director, International Recruitment & Admissions, International Student Services & Programs

B.A., Gonzaga University

Jennifer Manley

Coordinator, Student Life

B.A., Western Oregon University; M.Ed., Seattle University

L. Scott Marsh

Director, Institutional Effectiveness

B.A., University of California-Riverside; M.F.A., University of Utah

Annemarie J. Martin

Coordinator, Housing, Short-Term Programs & PDSO, International Student Services & Programs

A.A.S., Hoge School (Netherlands); B.A., CIBAP (Netherlands)

Kimberle A. Matison

Director, Financial Aid

B.A., University of Washington

Jody A. Matthews

Special Events & Alumni Coordinator, TCC Foundation

Marybeth McCarthy, NCWP

Case Manager, BFET

B.A., The Evergreen State College

Kyle McCurdy

Manager, Invista Performance Solutions

B.A., Washington State University

Alexa A. Mercado-Curtis

Admissions Specialist, International Students Services & Programs

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College

Janine Mott

Executive Director, Gig Harbor Campus and Continuing Education

B.A., University of Washington-Tacoma; M.Ed., University of Washington-Seattle

Ryan T. Mummert

Advisor, Baseball Coach and Gym Manager

B.S., Western Washington University

Joanne E. Munroe

Instructional Designer, eLearning & Media Services

Sabra L. Murray

Case Manager, WorkFirst

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College

James R. Newman

Director, International Student Services & Programs

B.S., University of Phoenix; M.B.A., New York Institute of Technology; M.P.M., Keller Graduate School of Management

Camtu T. Nguyen

Educational Planner, Talent Search

B.A., University of Washington-Tacoma; M.Ed., Whitworth University

Nancy A. Novak

Associate Dean of Nursing

A.D.N., Columbia Basin College; B.S., Arizona State University; M.N., University of Washington

Deborah A. Olson

Manager, Bookstore

Lorraine T. Parrish

Outreach & Recruitment Specialist

B.A., Washington State University; M.A., Chapman University

Christy Perotti

Coordinator, Running Start

B.A., University of Arizona; M.A., Pacific Lutheran University

Troy Peterson

Access Technology and Retention Specialist, Access Services

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; B.A., University of Washington-Tacoma; M.S., Capella University

Shannon S. Pressley

Director, Math Advising Resource Center

B.A., University of Puget Sound; M.I.T., Whitworth College

Tamara T. Roberson

Student Support Specialist, Assessment/Access Services

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; B.A., The Evergreen State College; M.B.A., University of Phoenix

Valerie Y. Robertson

Dean, Student Development and Success

A.A., Tacoma Community College; B.A., University of Washington; M.S., University of Washington

Anthony T. Robinson

Manager, Custodial Services


Margaret A. Robinson

Coordinator, Multi-Ethnic Cultural Affairs; and Retention Specialist, Achievers Scholars

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; A.A., Monterey Peninsula College; B.A., Univ. of Washington-Tacoma; M.A., Chapman University

Jennifer Olson-Rudenko

Coordinator, Art Gallery

B.A., Portland State University; M.A. Pennsylvania State University

William A. Ryberg

Director of Development and the TCC Foundation

B.M., Western Washington University; M.M., Indiana University

Kimberly N. Rzeszewicz

Curriculum & Learning Outcomes Program Coordinator

B.S.N., University of Washington; M.S.N., University of Alaska, Anchorage

F. Keiko Salas

Advisor, Advising Center

B.A, University of Washington; M.A., Northern Arizona University

Jason Sandusky

Manager of Instructional Technology, Information Systems

B.S., University of Idaho; M.B.A., Touro University International

Rachael Schurman

Academic Advisor, Advising Center

B.A., Central Washington University

Paula Sheldon

Manager of Employment, Human Resources

Kimberley A. Smith

Coordinator, Worker Retraining and Opportunity Grant

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; B.S., University of Phoenix; M.S.W., University of Washington

Kyra M. Smith

Enrollment Coordinator, Fresh Start

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College

Christopher Soran

Interim eLearning Director

A.T., Bates Technical College; B.S. University of Washington Tacoma

Steven W. St. Peter

Database Administrator, Information Systems

A.S., B.S.

Chris Stancich

Academic Advisor, Advising Center

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; B.A., University of Puget Sound

Clint Steele

Director, Facilities and Capital Projects

B.R.E., Prairie Bible College

Insuk Stenstrom

Data Specialist, Workforce Education/WorkFirst and Access Services

Mae Stephenson

Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction

A.A.S., Seattle Central Community College; B.S., Portland State University; M.Ed., University of Vermont

Margaret J. Strausbaugh

Family Coordinator/Specialist, Early Learning Center

B.A., Central Washington University; M.Ed., Lesley University

Pamela J. Transue, Ph.D.


B.A., University of Washington; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University

Kari Twogood

Academic Advisor, Advising Center

B.A., Western Washington University

Heather Urschel-Speir

Director, Writing/Tutoring & Business Ed Center, Reading & Study Skills Lab, CAL Lab

B.A., B.F.A., Western Washington University; M.A., Colorado State University

Deborah Walker

Director, Educational Talent Search

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; B.A., Central Washington University

Kimberly M. Ward

Associate Dean, Transitional Studies, ABE, EAP, Dev. Studies English

B.A., Washington State University; M.Ed., Seattle University; M.P.A., The Evergreen State College

Olga J. Webstad

Manager, Early Learning Center

Julie Carrier Wells

Purchasing Manager

C. Quill West

Open Education Resources Project Director

B.A., M.A.I.S., Marylhurst University; M.L.S., Emporia State University

Natalie Wilkerson

Career Center Coordinator

A.A.S., Tacoma Community College; B.A., University of Washington-Tacoma

John M. Williams

Business Development Manager, Invista Performance Solutions


Sharon A. Winters

Library Director

B.A., Wake Forest University; M.L.S., University of North Carolina, Greensboro; M.P.A., The George Washington University

Meg Estep Woolf

Assistant Director, Outreach & Recruitment

B.A., M.P.A., University of Washington-Seattle

Cristy C. I. Yanos

Academic Advisor, Counseling, Advising & Transition Services

B.A., University of Northern Colorado; M.A., University of San Diego

Christine D. Young

Executive Assistant to the Vice President
for Student Services