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Enrollment Services

Step UP! get into college

1. Apply/Reapply

Apply online or in person (Bldg. 7 or at the Gig Harbor Campus). There is no application fee.

  • www.tacomacc.edu/theenrollmentprocess
  • P: 253.566.6042

2. Get connected with MY TCC

Activate your newly assigned TCC student email.

  • my.tacomacc.edu

3. Explore your interests on Inside TCC

Connect to all the info you need to become a student at TCC - takes 5 minutes tops!

  • https://insidetcc.tacomacc.edu
  • P: 253.566.6042

4. Paying for college

Start early and do it simultaneously as you complete all these steps.

  • www.tacomacc.edu/costsandaid
  • P: 253.566.5080

5. Assess your skills

To get into classes, an evaluation of your skills is needed. Do it by testing or transcript review.

  • www.tacomacc.edu/assessyourskills
  • P: 253.566.5093 (Tacoma Campus)
  • P: 253.566.5158 (24-hour information line)
  • P: 253.460.2424 (Gig Harbor Campus)

6. Get oriented

New students must attend a NSAO (New Student Advising & Orientation) to get classes.

  • www.tacomacc.edu/getoriented
  • P: 253.566.6091 (Tacoma Campus)
  • P: 253.460.2424 (Gig Harbor Campus)

7. Pay your tuition

Missing the due date can mean missing out on the classes you wanted ...

  • www.tacomacc.edu/tuition

Start classes!