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English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

English for Academic Purposes is an intensive program for non-native speakers of English who wish to gain English skills necessary to enter college-level content classes.

The EAP program does not require TOEFL scores. International students are required to take the EAP placement test before registering for EAP classes. Before entering the EAP program, resident students must either complete or test out of ABE ESL Level 6.

The EAP program provides five levels, beginning through advanced, of instruction in Reading/Writing, Grammar/Speaking, Conversation/Pronunciation, and American Culture. Advanced EAP classes are offered for college-level credit, which can be applied to TCC’s associate degree. Students can also take certain other college classes while completing advanced EAP classes. The following EAP courses are offered:

  1. Conversation and Pronunciation

EAP 089

Pronunciation and Conversation 1

EAP 090

Pronunciation and Conversation 2

EAP 191

Pronunciation and Conversation 3

EAP 192

The American Accent

  1. Conversation and Culture

EAP 190

American Culture and Conversation

  1. Grammar and Speaking

EAP 091

Grammar and Speaking 1

EAP 092

Grammar and Speaking 2

EAP 093

Grammar and Speaking 3

EAP 094

Grammar and Speaking 4

EAP 155

Grammar and Speaking 5

  1. Reading and Writing

EAP 095

Reading and Writing 1

EAP 096

Reading and Writing 2

EAP 097

Reading and Writing 3

EAP 098

Reading and Writing 4

EAP 159

Reading and Writing 5

See complete listing of courses in the Credit Course Descriptions.

  1. Contextualized reading, writing, and grammar

EAP 099

Level 4 Reading, Writing & Grammar

EAP 154

Level 5 Reading, Writing & Grammar

(Note: These courses are linked with a transfer-level course in business, humanities, or social sciences)