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ENGL/ 085 Academic Reading and Writing I: Foundations (8)

A pre-college integrated reading and writing course that provides instruction and practice skills needed for placement into ENGL/ 095. Course work includes grammatical concepts in order to write clear and correct sentences and paragraphs. This course is designed to introduce basic reading skills and to develop basic writing skills. Course work emphasizes writing from observations as well as writing in response to readings. The writing focus is on writing sentences which demonstrate a basic grasp of syntax and usage and writing sound paragraphs which express a main idea clearly and develop it fully with a minimum of errors in sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. This course enables students to work with essential text structure and to begin basic analysis of passages from a variety of texts. Identification of main points, details and implications is included, as well as skills in outlining and summarizing. Lab application is used for practice, and vocabulary development is included.

Prerequisite: EAP 155 and EAP 159 with a minimum grade of C or assessment into ENGL/ 085.