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The Engineering transfer program is designed to offer students the same courses as the first two years at a baccalaureate institution.

There are three specific discipline-related Associate of Science in Engineering degrees: (1) Civil, Mechanical, Industrial, Aeronautical/Astronautical and Material Science Engineering, (2) Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, and (3) BioEngineering and Chemical Engineering. There is also a General Engineering Associate of Science. Students are encouraged to pursue one of the specific discipline-related Associate of Science in Engineering degrees, rather than the General Engineering degree, unless advised to do otherwise by an engineering advisor. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an Engineering advisor as early as possible.

Students seeking courses for general interest, upgrading skills, or college-level electives should consider ENGR& 104, ENGR& 114, and ENGL& 235.

TCC supports a local chapter of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and encourages student involvement.