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Credit Classes

College procedures for the refund of tuition and fees to students are consistent with state statutes. A student must complete the official withdrawal procedure to receive a refund. A student dismissed from the college for disciplinary reasons is not eligible for a refund. Instructional days are defined as days school is in session, not including weekends and scheduled holidays. Refunds will be made according to the following schedule:

  • Withdrawal resulting from classes being cancelled by the college - 100 percent
  • Withdrawal prior to the first instructional day of the quarter - 100 percent
  • Withdrawal during the first five instructional days of the quarter - 80 percent
  • Withdrawal from the sixth through the 20th calendar day of the quarter - 40 percent
  • Withdrawal after the 20th calendar day of the quarter - 0 percent

For continuous enrollment courses which permit a student to register at any time after the beginning of the quarter, a student will be allowed an 80 percent refund for five instructional days after the course begins and a 40 percent refund from the sixth through the 20th calendar day. Summer quarter courses, courses which do not follow the regular college calendar, early/late starting courses, and short courses have prorated refund periods. Contact Enrollment Services at 253.566.5325 for the related refund dates.